Apple CarPlay Features

Everything Know Apple CarPlay Features: CarPlay Displays and More

Here are you can identify new products of Apple CarPlay features. Therefore let’s go and know how to do work in Your Car this new Apple CarPlay. Also, Find out CarPlay Supported Display For your Car Model.

Know Apple CarPlay Features: Apple CarPlay is good and awesome things for use iPhone with running Car. Have you ever been thought that? Drive you’re four wheels without touch iPhone. Even, every action with your iPhone, you can do without touching it in riding Car. But, unfortunately, this Apple Accessory is not available as assemble for your old Car. It’s come inbuilt with new branded Car Model this year. The Apple CarPlay suit only with these branded Car Likewise; Ferrari, Honda Car, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo Cars. These entire cars’ coming 2014 model will have Apple CarPlay

Fix with its build. A merit of the Apple CarPlay is you can get crazy iPhone experience with ride a Car,    whenever you drive a car you can perform almost action concern your iPhone without touching it.


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Latest Updated: Good News for Apple CarPlay users – in iOS 12, Carplay supports Third-party Navigation Apps included Google Maps and enable Waze Navigation on CarPlay

Apple CarPlay Features
Apple CarPlay Features


Let’s now we all see that what’s in Apple CarPlay Features. Apple CarPlay ultimately works with iOS 8 also.

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Note: – As per Rumors, Compatible devices with Apple CarPlay is iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and later also.

Future partners of Apple for CarPlay are:-


In your current Car, you can put CarPlay of PIONEER as well as ALPINE Company. These both are better CarPlay providers for your Old Car.

See beneath for the Apple CarPlay Features

Are you keen on putting your iPhone on the front side of your car and do every action without touch it when you ride? Let’s willing, that’s day are not away caused; now it’s possible with Apple CarPlay features. Put your iPhone in front and do everything without touching it.

  • Phone and Message – Grate one the Apple CarPlay features. Make call with the help of Siri you can able to make a call to any other, as well as call receive very handy without swipe or touch on your iPhone screen. You’ve to need just focus on drive Car carefully, any other thing leave on CarPlay. Messages send and receive message can control without touch. Siri can give replay as a read and text your message easily when you driving a car.
  • Music – you can able to listen your iPhone Music easily and your favorite playlist which is made by you, not necessary to play it, keep your iPhone in CarPlay only once they plug in with CarPlay.
  • Control- just touches on the steering wheel of your car and activates voice Siri. For activate Siri voice control Press and hold it once. CarPlay is work with Knobs, dial or button of your Car. Even, its work if your car allows you to control your screen. Then allow you to control CarPlay.

Most useful apps In the Apple CarPlay Such as,

Podcasts, Spotify, Beats Music, iHeartRadio etc.

Maps- Helpful as easy way to reach at real place with truly direction. So, don’t worry in Vulnerable and traffic area road. You can go at real destination through contact address, Email, Calendar etc.  Really, this is amazing Apple CarPlay Features.

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