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Get from here Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks for your new iPhone 6 or iPhone plus. Using jailbreak Cydia tweaks you can get best feature rather than pure Apple store notification app. Notification keeper Cydia Tweaks can stay your coming notification for long time and notification killer for Delete all notifications, just like Today then tap on and move it. I think you’ll get those important and shortcut features on your jailbreak iPhone, iPad which you’ll never get in your Powerful iOS 8, iOS 9 Apple gadgets. Because, jailbreaking device allow rooting permits to access iOS file system and manager, it’s allow to jailbreak user download additional application and more. Here, you can get Top 7 best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks for NCbrowser8, Notification keeper, noNCheader, HideMe8, NCSingleTapClear, NCFold, Notification Killer.

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Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks – iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.3

NCBrowser 8 – Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks

The NCBrowser 8 allows to their users web search from the Notification center. Means it’s a one type of shortcut way to find subject on web browser. Notification center browser for iOS 8; use as just swipe down from top of your iPhone, iPad to bring Notification center.  You can get from NCBrowser8 Cydia Tweaks Lock Screen support, lightweight animation, color combination and customize support.

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Download – $2.99, Source -BigBoss


The Notificatoinkeeper Cydia tweak is a paid app. get Notification even your iPhone or iPad has enable with Do Not Disturb with present apps and keywords. Ultimate keep NC under your eyeing. Truly this is the one of excellent from Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks.

Download– $0.99, Source– BigBoss

HideMe8 – Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks

Using HideME8, you can Hide Notifications in status bar for that you’ve to need go on settings of HideMe8 Cydia Tweaks and disabling Notification features. This is the paid version Cydia Tweaks but work Sound good. It can allow hide the icon of Control Center, spring board, Status bar and Lock Screen.

Download– $2.00, Source– BigBoss


NCSingleTapClear is very little Tweak but, its work done is big. You can delete all notification instantly just need single Tap and finish.

Download – Free, Source – BigBoss

NCFold – Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks

NCFold is Best Pro Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8. Its make all apps notifications in single folder as per app name. So that turmoil of the bunch of notification has away for you. Make your iPhone, iPad Notification bar very easy to use and interesting.

Download – $1.00, Source– BigBoss

Notification Killer – Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks

Everybody knows that very well about the Notification. Through that you can get update on your gadgets Home screen. Whatever if you not like some irksome notification and you want to delete all with single Tap, then you can do it using use this Cydia Tweak compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 7.

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Download – Free, Source: BigBoss

How to seem you these, Top 6 Best iOS 8 Notification Cydia Tweaks to your jailbreak iPhone or iPad. Leave in the comment your good reply.

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