FaceTime error issue on Camera, Wi-Fi from iPhone: [Solved]

Many Circumstances might be behind your FaceTime error issue, for different FaceTime users on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Apple gave many restrictions over FaceTime that you didn’t mind or forgot after long time use FaceTime. Bet here is the most popular issues covered in this article, which will absolutely help to resolve problem, when you go on FaceTime and turn it on.

FaceTime error issue on Wi-Fi, Camera on iPhone, iPad

Solution on: iMessage error “waiting for activation” fixed on iPhone.

Here’s possible solved solution on FaceTime error issue: Given below

FaceTime camera not working: Pixelized or Green color screen or Can’t receive FaceTime call

Apple support suggesting that, your iPhone might be expired device certification. So you have to update your device from both end (you and the other end iOS device – Your friend). So after update your device will be resolving your FaceTime error issue.

Both devices must be connected with active internet connection over Wi-Fi or Cellular data plan.

You have received correct notification from other device, akin to coming on other app’s notification.

Finally restart devices.

FaceTime doesn’t work on Wi-Fi network

Your Wi-Fi router correctly setup on guide given here. Make sure Wi-Fi working on other device.

Disable Wi-Fi connection settings and re enter or enable Wi-Fi credentials.

Enable required FaceTime port (TCP and UDP), Might be Firewall port block be admin for unnecessary internet traffic coming to you.

Apple recommend: Broad band connections for FaceTime.

Missing FaceTime App: Find FaceTime

Missed FaceTime app from your iPhone, iPad and iPad, many reasons behind it included apple can’t support FaceTime for your country where you purchase.

Problem on FaceTime audio or Voice/ Video Call

FaceTime error issue with Cellular Calls:  Apple ID different on iCloud and FaceTime

If you are eligible for FaceTime, That track FaceTime enabled on your device settings.

Settings > FaceTime

Restriction should be enabled for FaceTime, Go to the Settings > General > Restrictions

More about FaceTime voice calls and audio calls

Getting FaceTime error issue on trying to forward FaceTime voice/ Audio call on another party, or number, then that will not work. Audio call not support if you device bought or using in china.

Thanks to apple giving amazing service for call, But with apologize some restriction works on FaceTime access. If you are in safe zone to use FaceTime, than you will be sort-out FaceTime error issues comes on iPhone 6/ 6 plus/ 5/ 5S, iPhone 4S on iOS 8 or iOS 7/6 when you used by applying above FaceTime trouble shooting steps.

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