How to Enable/Disable FaceTime Live Photos on iPhone, Mac

FaceTime Live Photos, Now Live photo not only works with the live object using your iPhone, iPad camera but also explores in FaceTime camera that’s at a remote place. From your iPhone, iPad, or Mac FaceTime app we can capture the live photo of your video caller or recipients in just one click. For privacy reasons, if you don’t want anyone takes your live photo anyhow then Disable Live Photo in FaceTime in the latest iOS and latest macOS.

Also, know the prerequisite conditions for turning on or Turning off FaceTime live photos use on both devices.

Take FaceTime Live Photos during a video call: Both devices must be enabled Live Photo from iPhone settings on iPhone or Mac FaceTime system preference.

The trick to use FaceTime live photos on iPhone, iPad, macOS

Using these privacy settings, prevent your recipients take a live photo from a FaceTime video call.

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad

2: Under the Settings, See FaceTime.

8 FaceTime in iPhone Settings

3: Tap on it and Scroll down on the screen, Disable “FaceTime Live Photos”.

6 Disable FaceTIme Live on iPhone

Hide the “FaceTime Live Photos of you” Notification alert on the screen while we tap on the circle. Recently there is no option for hiding alerts while we take a live photo.

How to Turn ON/ Turn off FaceTime Photos on Mac

  • Open FaceTime app on Mac.
  • Go to FaceTime > Preferences.
FaceTime Preferences Option on Mac
FaceTime Preferences Option on Mac
  • Under the Settings tab, See Check box option “Allow Live Photos to be captured during video calls”.
  • 1 Allow Live Photo during FaceTime video on Mac

    Option on Mac Greyed out or Unable to change, Make Changes we must turn off FaceTime video call screen.

    2 Disable FaceTime Live photo on Mac
    4 enable FaceTime live photo on Mac

    Helpful: Unable to make the call, Reconnecting, FaceTime video call Failed.

    Enable: FaceTime Live Photos in iOS

    Unable to take a live photo on FaceTime video call, showing below message:

    The Query is “FaceTime Live Photos must be enabled on both devices to use this feature” If FaceTime Live Photos toggle is turned off/white then turn it On.

    #1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad

    #2: FaceTime, Enable “FaceTime Live photos.”

    7 Enable FaceTime live photo on iPhone

    That’s it!

    Now, whenever you capture or click vivid pictures during a video call you will receive the message or notification text at both ends.

    Can’t Find FaceTime Live Photos on Mac and iPhone

    During FaceTime video call, have enabled the option for taking a live photo during a facetime video call on your iPhone and Mac to all other video callers. So they can take your Photos during FaceTime Live. In the same way, you can also take a live photo if the caller enabled the live photo capture option for you.

    But the Big Question is Where to Save Live Photos automatically on Mac or iPhone, if you didn’t see then follow the below steps,

    1. On Mac, Open Photos app on Mac,
    2. See the Live Photos option in the Media Type folder under the Album section.

    In the same way, iPhone users can see FaceTime Live Photos on the Photos app.

    1. Open Photos app on iPhone.
    2. Next, See the Album Tab and Live Photos option.
    3. Here’s all FaceTime Live photos and Regular Camera Live photos.

    Useful: Flip FaceTime camera on Video call.

    Restriction on FaceTime App on Mac is for Live Photo available under FaceTime preference settings.

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