Features of iOS 8 – 2021 Tips

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

I want to explain about powerful features of iOS 8 which is you never imagine your mine; iOS 8 is very intelligent. Every element describes deep in below.

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Remarkable changes and Massive improvements to iOS 8, which will be released this Autumn.

Not all iOS 8 Users can install iOS iOS 12. But iOS 11 users can install iOS 12.

Best iOS 8 features for your iPhone, iPad – iPhone 4S/ iPhone 5/5S/5C

Features of iOS 8 -

Send the last location to Apple before your I phone battery’s going over

If you’ve ever lost your iPhone then this new features making an extra role for you and it’s allowed to send the last location of your status to Apple whenever your battery is going critical level.

Right now iCloud holds this type of information for 1day, even this new futures of iOS 8 is allowed to Apple for inform last location of the lost device for a long time.

You can hide images from Photos app

Step for use this kind of features go to on photo or videos of the photos App of iPhone, and it can disappear at the last moment, collection, and previous years view in the photo apps.

Hold fingers on an Image will bring upon option menu & select ‘Hide’ will keep it from being visible in that section. The Hidden image still visible in an album, however, in the new mysterious collection.

You can do Credit card scanning

We can say that this one is great iOS 8 features using this we can do credit card scan.You can utilize camera of iPhone as a credit card scanner. When doing online shopping at that time, you can do credit card scan with your I phone rather than number enter manually.

Identify songs

In features of iOS 8 – Siri was the first apps of I phone when you play the song, and if you unknown form them at that time you ask for Siri, “what song is playing? ” as well Siri involve Shazam integration. Using Shazam to identify music.

Phone calls over Wi-Fi

Wi-fi calling is latest features of iOS 8 which is not provided by Apple in the previous iOS

You can do Phone calls within Wifi.

Browser Update (Safari)

The browser is a vital part of every Internet User. Therefore, Apple considers this features in iOS 8. Now a day  Apple provides latest Safari Browser in its upcoming iOS, and it’s an iOS 8 as well new browser made up very light so surfing speed is fast, and people will get more enjoyment.

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Interactive Notifications

Interactive Notification feature is the best cause whenever you got kinds of Notification on your home screen of iPhone like WhatsApp message and Email notification at that time you required to go certain types of apps.

But now it will not Require guess; you are writing a WhatsApp message and an email pops-in at that time you can replay that email without leaving writing the WhatsApp message as well as you can work it out from the lock screen.

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Find which app is using the most battery life

One remarkable feature of iOS 8 is you can check it which apps consume more battery power. Besides, it also displays that how much battery evacuated when there is no cellular coverage.

You can see that in figure Home & Lock screen usage more power it’s a 44%, and photo apps usage 26% power.

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