Can i Filter iMessage Comes From the Unknown Senders on iPhone? Yes, Read this article

This post will teach you to turn off notification and filter imessage from unknown senders in iOS. An innovative feature of the latest iOS. Set the custom setting to filter iMessage from unknown senders. We can say that’s such a sound great feature for iPhone users. In an earlier version of iOS if iMessage sender is not saved in your contact list so at the time you haven’t the facility to filter them. But, from now a feature ‘’Filter Unknown Senders’’ is available in iOS. The feature also enables turn off iMessage notification from unknown senders. So at all, you’ve now another one worth feature for your iPhone.

In addition, you can also block unknown iMessage senders as well as Face time too. And leave everything as it is. Okay, lets we start now how to actual filter iMessage from unknown senders on your Apple iPhone. To do this just follows a couple of instructions that are givens below.

The easy way to filtering iMessage from unknown senders on Your iPhone

The listed steps let you turn off notification from the unknown person as well as short them into a separate list concern iMessage from Unknown senders.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Scroll down the Screen and Tap on Messages

filter iMessage from unknown senders on iOS 9

(You can see between Phone and FaceTime)

Step 3. Do little scroll upside the screen and turn toggle Filter Unknown Senders ON.

How to filter iMessage from unknown senders on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

That’s it.

Now, you’ll get an iMessage from unknown senders but that will arrive into a separate list with turn off Nonfiction. And you’ll see a new tab for unknown Senders.

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Please share your experience and leave a reply about how seems this trick to filter iMessage from unknown senders on iOS.


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