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How to Find lost Apple watch remotely using iPhone or iCloud

Why we don’t make our precious apple watch secure, that’s available in free by apple. So you can track or find lost apple watch remotely from your other apple Devices or iCloud account. There are many strict restrictions for new setup or erase apple watch settings. As a prevention steps you can do below on the time of lost or someone cheat your apple watch. Then sit back.

You can track your location on Map using GPS location (Right place of apple watch live). But keep mind you have to take below any one of two actions fast as soon as possible.


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Below tutorial works on all apple watch model: Apple Watch, Apple watch sports, Apple watch edition. 1 find lost apple watch in easy way

How to track or find lost apple watch remotely using iCloud or iOS device

From iPhone find lost apple watch: Set lock remotely on Apple watch

Distance is not a limitation for apply security restriction on your apple watch from paired iPhone or iCloud.com.

1. Keep your iPhone in your hand, that has been paired with apple watch.

2. Launch Apple watch app, Tap on My Watch tab from beneath.

3. There you should go with Mark as a Missing2 Enable lost apple watch from iPhone

Now security automatically turned on, Now no one can reset apple watch without apple ID or Passcode.

Note: if you found apple watch later, you need to pair apple watch again. Also mark as a missing disable all apple pay cards.

Without iPhone: Using iCloud from Mac or PC browser find lost apple watch

1. Go to iCloud from your browser, Sign in with Apple ID and Password.

2. Next, Go inside setting, There your apple watch showing under My Devices.

3. Then click on apple watch picture, next choose is this device missing?mark apple watch is missing under icloud account

At the same time on your apple watch lost device security is turn on.

Once you found apple watch, repeat above last 3 steps and make apple watch found.

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