iOS 16 Fix Apple iPhone News App not Working, Loading (2023)

Fix Apple News App common issues

Apple’s iOS 16 News app is more featured & peaceful because it’s supported in Official System-wide Dark mode. We have a great tutorial on how to enable dark mode on iPhone and iPad. Also, find some troubleshooting tips on Apple News App Not working and Facing issues on subscribing/ Cancel Apple New+ Subscription, Read or Helpful News App custom settings.

Apple News app is a great digital tool to gain state, national, and international level news in a single place. In short, App gives fresh news at every refresh.

Furthermore, it makes the reader’s morning even fresher, also applicable while you’re traveling, sitting in the backyard, anywhere around the country. Still, you’re a lucky person to get the live update. All things about a news app are your favorite, but the Apple News app is not working on iPhone. We already experienced that while searching news apps in Siri’s suggestion search bar at the time title was showing perfect, while I try to tap on it, I didn’t get a response, and I mean news app stuck on the latest iOS update. So I followed the suggested troubleshooting below to make it live.

If you are facing an error about the Apple news app and its solution is not covered on this page. So kindly send email us at

we will review your error message of the Apple News app and reply to you soon! Thanks in advance for spending your time.

[Compalte Guide: How to use News App on Mac in macOS Problems & Fixes]

Fixes Apple News App not Working on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro

Clue 0: No News App, News App Missing on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s official News App is available in some countries only, and You can get it by changing the region of your account on your iPhone.

  1. Go to the “Settings” app that looks like a gear icon on your phone’s home screen. you can also find it with a spotlight search.
  2. Tap on “General
  3. Hit on “Language & Region
  4. Now See Region “and Set to the United State.
  5. Save by change to English (United States).

Then Reboot your iPhone. after that, check your iPhone’s home screen.

1 Change Region for Get News app on iPhone in iOS (1)

News App is Missing on Mac: Get Outside the Supported Countries

If you like that New app is missing on Mac, Or Not Available. then make sure and check you are in Supported Region. if not then set it to supported countries, the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Preferences > Language & Region > Select United States as a Region.
  2. Then, Restart your Mac and Find News app in Launchpad.

Clue 1. Make sure News app Restrictions are turned off (white slider).

  • Update for iOS 16 and later: Settings App – Tap Screen Time– Enter passcode if ask- Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions – Turn toggle On Content & privacy Restrictions – Tap Allowed Apps – Find News App on the screen – Now turn toggle green next to the News App.

For iOS 12 and older Version, To check out it, follow the given steps.

  • Step 1. Launch the Settings App on your iPhone home screen.
  • Step 2. Tap General.
  • Step 3. Tap on Restrictions. You will be prompted to enter your 4-digit Restriction passcode.
  • If you forget it, reset restriction passcode iOS with this post.
  • Step 4. Now scroll down the screen and make Turn News ON. You can see in the below-given picture.

That’s it.

Your News App Not Open from the App Store, and Says “Restriction Enabled”

Suppose you are facing an issue that Apple news is not working due to restrictions. Try this method to fix the Apple news problem. Restrictions Enabled Means; Under the Screen Time settings, you should check first that given in the above steps.

Still not Fixed, you should go with the Below steps for Certain App, Features, or Services that can’t be seen or Used when Restrictions are on. To Use this app, turn Restriction Off. After Make Changes to My Country Location, you get fixed what you see in the below image.

Restriction Enabled on iPhone News App Error - Fixed
Restriction Enabled on iPhone News App Error – Fixed.
  • Open the Settings App > Tap General > Click on Language and Region > Now ensure ‘Region’ is set to the right country
  • For iOS 11 or Earlier Users: Open the Settings App > Tap General > Tap Restrictions > ensure ‘Ratings For’ is set to the right country
    • After Following the above steps, Force Close all apps Re-open on your iPhone and Launch again from App Store. [Open App Store > Search “News” > Click on Open button]. Also, We should try after Hard reset iPhone.

That’s it.

Now try to open the news app on the iPhone home screen. If you’re a user – the News app is already enabled in restrictions. However, it would help if you kept continuing for the next clue. I hope this will help you nicely.

Fix “Sorry, Apple News isn’t available right now. Please try again later“

Follow the Bottom Steps:

  • Step #1: Go to Settings App
  • Step #2. Tap on [your name] Apple ID Profile
  • Step #3. Tap iCloud
  • Step #4. Next turn toggle off News. [a screen will be prompted – what would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud News data on your iPhone?
Turn off News in iCloud from iPhone settings
Turn off News in iCloud from iPhone settings

Choose to Keep on My iPhone.]

  • After this, Restart your Apple iPhone. Now your Phone will turn on automatically,
  • Follow the above same steps further and then toggle News back on. [What would you like to do with existing local news data on your iPhone? Tap on Merge.]

    I hope this instruction will fix it. Sorry, Apple News isn’t available right now. Please try again later“.

    In more, try logging out of Apple iCloud by going to Settings App > [your name] Apple ID Profile> Tap Sign Out > your phone will ask you Apple ID Password Enter the Apple ID password for (XYZ at com) to turn off Find My Phone. Then Tap Turn Off. Now follow the same steps and tap Sign iCloud in.

    Clue 2. Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

    To restart iOS devices – go with restart iPhone topic.

    Tips: Restart iPhone without the Home or Side button.

    Also, Check Your Apple System Status that affects the News App for the specific country. Here are the essential links to check Down service officially.

    • Some Related Apple Services is Down in your Country
    Apple System Server Status after Resolved
    Apple System Server Status after Resolved
    • Here are some important links to check the Apple System Status in your Region,
    • System Status in the US: [Some Services are Down in the United States, Please wait until fix]
    • System Status in Canada:
    • System Status in France:
    • System Status in the UK:
    • System Status in India
    • use your country code after .com/ in the above link to check apple service status In your region.

    Clue 3. Reset the Home Screen layout of your iPhone 

    News app is installed but Disappeared on the home screen,

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap General
    • Scroll down the screen and tap Reset or In iOS 15 – Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset]
    • Tap Reset Home Screen Layout
    • You will be prompted (This will reset your entire home screen layout to factory defaults.)

    it may be affected on your folders. So if you agree, tap again Reset Home screen. Your job is done.

    Where is the iPhone news app in iOS 15, iOS 16, or Later?

    Apple’s news app is geographically limited access, So iPhone installed iOS 10 or later users can download and Install/ Update from USA/ UK/Australia and app store, Only.

    Apple NEWS app is officially available in the USA, UK, Canada. To Download in other countries, change app store region or Use Apple ID created for the USA.

    Apple news widget missing

    Local screen widget uses to reading your favorite news title at a glance. Unfortunately, Apple News won’t load stories on the lock screen (If locked); otherwise, we can directly read selected full stories in the News app.

    Unlock iPhone/ iPad, Go to Widget screen under notification centre > Scroll down to bottom > Tap on Edit

    1 Add new Widget in Notification Center for News app

    Find News under More Widget Section > Add News > Done. Now widget auto-update from new stories.

    2 Manage all notifications on iPhone notification center

    Apple News App Not Updating

    Check available storage from iPhone/ iPad Settings > Tap General > Tap About > Available. (Free up storage on iPhone, Check Network connectivity)

    The “For You” section of the older Apple News App, on older iPads, running iOS 11, is not showing updated content, BUT, if you go to the Favorites option, the contents in your Favorites should be up to date.

    The “For You” section, for some unknown reason, is no longer updating/showing recent content.

    Using the Favorites category, ALL Favorites content are giving updated content and any new content you add is still being updated, as well.

    Or Get help from our tutorial on Unable to update the iOS app.

    Can’t Receive news App Notification – Breaking News

    Enable notification for news app from iPhone/ iPad settings.

    Go to Settings > Scroll down and Find News > Notifications > Enable required settings.

    Also, check notification styles when unlocked.

    Apple News App Crash or Doesn’t Work

    App crashing on iPhone is a common problem; we can fix it by updating the app, Remove/ Re-install from the app store, Restart or Reboot iPhone (Restart iPhone/ iPhone 7/ 7 Plus – Press Sleep/ Wake + Volume down button until you see apple logo)

    iPhone 6S and Earlier: Use the Sleep/Wake + Home button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus: 

    • 1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
    • 2: Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button,
    • 3: Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.
    • To Start the iPhone, Again press the Side button until the startup apple logo on the screen.
    Hard Reboot or Force Restart iPhone XS Max
    Hard Reboot your iPhone

    Unable to Fetch new Updates in News App

    News App has millions of Webpage that Apple officially crawls. Apple News and News+ Both Deliver the perfect magazines from the suggestion in News App Notifications. Suppose this will not work and failed to get in the background. You show check these settings on the iPhone and iPad.

    • Common Settings for All apps:
    • Settings App
    • Tap General
    • choose Background App Refresh
    • Tap Background App Refresh
    • Next Select WiFi or WiFi & Cellular Data. Enable it for the problem you have.

    Some users have a specific issue while connecting on Mobile data. So they can select WiFi & Cellular Data.

    Background App Refresh Toggle Grayed out? Unable to Enable

    News App Settings showing Background App Refresh Grayed-out; follow the above steps and enable it. After that, move to News App settings.

    1. Open Settings App
    2. Tap News
    3. hit Background App Refresh.
    Safari Backgroud App Refresh and Other Settings on iPhone and ipad
    Safari Background App Refresh and Other Settings on iPhone and iPad

    We can do Reset All Settings!

    if the problem is tough to fix because of unknown settings done by you or not working after making something change on the iPhone. I recommend resetting all settings only. This will not affect the data, Contacts, Messages, Mails Accounts, and more.

    • Go to the Settings app
    • Tap General
    • Hit on “Reset” or “Transfer or Reset iPhone” in iOS 16
    • Tap Reset All Settings [Enter the Passcode] and
    • That’s it.

    Mine be your iPhone will reboot for a long time but don’t interrupt the process and wait for complete itself.

    A new feature in News App: Read Full Story in News App

    • Always Show “Next Up”: Easy to jump another title by a single tap on the Net up label on The News app screen.
    • Show Story Previews: This option helps in saving your data from the auto-open full web page in the news app. Tap on News Title > See a few paragraphs & pictures, The interested user can tap on “Read Full story” at beneath.
    5 New Features in News app

    Do you have any other problem related news App which is not mentioned above? Would you please share in below comment box? We will try to give you a correct answer ASAP.

    Apple New+ (Subscription) Users can Read Full Story/Web Link in Web content in News App without Redirecting to Browser like Safari by default. Here are the Settings for Enable Open Web Links in News:

    • Open Settings app on iPhone > News > Enable the Toggle Open Web Links in Web > That’s it.
    Open Web Links in News without Redirect to Safari Browser
    Open Web Links in News without Redirect to Safari Browser

    Their many news readers wanted to get back fresh news App on its iPhone/ iPad to delete unwanted or all favorite channels at once. Unfortunately Still, to Reset Apple news App option not available. We hope Apple will add in its next upgrade.

    Please don’t forget to share your feedback regarding which clue helps you fix your problem with the Apple News app not working on your iPhone.

    Updates [Apple News+]

    Apple announced a big update for apple newsreaders that make you a premium experience. But how? Apple included new apple news app subscriptions that people can activate monthly basis at any time.
    Top 300 popular magazines are added and some other areas in the ques that will be added in a short time. The also remarkable point is that this service is only available in the US and Canada.

    Apple said: “All Apple News users in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia can continue to enjoy the free news experience within the app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, including access to Top Stories, Trending Stories and a personalized feed of articles.”

    Pricing: for the US is $9.99 and for Canada is $12.99 a month.

    Right now, you can sign up for a month’s trial. After that plan automatically renew after a trial ends.

    Requirements: Latest iOS 16 later and macOS 13 Ventura or later

    Also, We can use this Apple News+ up to Six family members, just like Apple Music. First, Activate Family sharing (Add new member in Family sharing from iOS and Mac settings) and Enable Apple News+ for your family member as an admin.

    Also, Apple New+ Will be available in the UK and Australia later this year.

    How to use News+ on iPhone and Setup stuck
    How to use News+ on iPhone and Setup stuck

    Apple News+ Troubleshooting issues

    1. Force Close your App and Re-launch.
    2. Check your Geolocation (Only in the US and Canada)
    3. iOS Version 12.2 or later and macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later
    4. Valid Payment or Payment method is required (Outside the US and Canada) user “NONE” payment method is not valid.
    5. To Use Apple New+, You must require Free trial. After canceling the free trial. We can’t use it. To beware, Add Reminder after 29 days or Before renewal date.
    6. Does the “Change Region” trick still work to get the News Plus (Apple News+) app? = No.
    7. Share your problem with news+ in the comment box.

    Can’t Download New+ Magazines on iPhone and iPad; these issues appear to many users. Still, they have to wait for 30 days to automatically delete downloaded Magazine over a WiFi connection if you have enough storage.

    What should you do? If News App is not showing on Spotlight Search Suggestion. When we search trending news stories or articles on spotlight search, the Apple News App gives suggestions from the channel you subscribed to. But this will take care of the Settings app > News > Siri & Search > Under the In Search Section, Disable the toggle “Show in Search,” and that’s it. So now you will not disturb by the spotlight search.

    Disable or Enable News Magazine in Siri App Suggestions
    Disable or Enable News Magazine in Siri App Suggestions

    Please note here given clues can help you in the cases of –

    In iOS 10 or later, the News App icon is missing on the iPhone home screen.

    Apple News App icon Stuck and unresponsive.

    Apple Official News app does not appear in the Siri Suggestion Search bar.

    →  AR Content in News App in latest iOS

    Into the Apple march 2019 event, there is an exceptional service released for News App called Apple News plus; for this, users would have to sign up because it is a subscription-based service. Unfortunately, after iOS 15 update, some changes in Apple News App won’t work for a couple of hours that I’ve reported in our email inbox. But don’t worry, guys, if you notice an Apple news app issue, then follow this article troubleshooting, and I hope it will help you fix your Apple News App problem running iOS 12.2 or later.

    If you did not find the answer you are looking for, you should downgrade your iOS version or wait for the next update. Thanks for reading us! For more information, please email us at with the subject of the iOS 15 Apple news App issue.

    Any other idea to share with us over iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, 11 Pro Max news app not working well.

    To find downloaded magazines on apple news or in case Apple news plus magazines won’t download, refer to this Apple document to get the solution.

    Apple New+ Audio

    Apple introduced Apple News+ Audio; listen to Top headlines, Local news, and Stories from top Reporters in your area. Just like the podcast, we can play New Plus audio from iPhone/iPad News app. Open the News app; next to the News+ Tab, News+ Audio at the bottom, Tap on it and Start Playing News on your Headphone or Speaker. We can Push or play anytime from the lock screen or Single press on Airpods Pro. More Smart control in Apple News+ Audio help in Rewind, Skip Stories, Adjust the Playback speed, Add Story in Queue, and Delete Story from Queue.

    • News+ Audio is Available for Apple News+ Subscribers in the US. We can also play in Carplay
    Apple New+ Audio on Apple News iPhone app
    Apple New+ Audio on Apple News iPhone app

    if you are facing an error about the Apple news app and its solution is not covered on this page. Kindly send email us at

    we will review your error message of the Apple News app and reply to you soon! Thanks in advance for spending your time.

    Apple News App Not Working on Mac, MacBook Pro/Air Computer: macOS Big Sur, Catalina

    News App is Not available on Mac, Becuase it’s available in the United States, UK, Canada & Australia. Here’s how to get News App Outside the Supported Countries on Mac, Go to the Apple Logo > System Preferences > Language & Region > Select United States in Region > Restart your Mac and Check News app will be available on Mac, open it from launchpad.

    News App Problems and Tips for Mac MacBook in Any MacOS
    News App Problems and Tips for Mac MacBook in Any MacOS

    Apple News is now Available Across all Apple Devices. In addition, we can use our Subscription on your Own apple Devices and Your Family Devices if Family Subscription is enabled for your account. Let’s follow the quick solution that usually creates a problem in accessing News Story on Apple Mac Computer [Apple News Not Available on Windows PC or Laptop].

    1. News App is Not Available on Mac in your Country and Region for Mac Users, Check out my Separate tutorial on How to Get news App on Mac Outside the Primary country.
    2. Unable to Load new Story or Refresh News Story: Open News App on Mac, press Command + R from keyboard to Checking for New Stories…
    3. Some Related Apple Services is Down in your Country
    Apple System Server Status after Resolved
    Apple System Server Status after Resolved
    • Here are some important links to check the Apple System Status in your Region,
    • System Status in Canada:
    • System Status in France:
    • System Status in the UK:
    • System Status in India
    • use your country code after .com/ in the above link to check apple service status In your region.
  • links not working in news app in mac os: Try to open in Safari. Scroll to News App Story and Click/Right Click on Read Full Story, Open with Safari Mac Browser.
  • New App Notification on Mac: Apple New Notification alerts you about an important story that is really useful and From Subscribed New Channel. Let’s Turn on or manage Notification layout from Mac Settings, Apple Logo From Top Mac Menu > System Preferences > Notifications > News from Sidebar >
  • Manage News App Notification on Mac
    Manage News App Notification on Mac
    • Enable Notification Toggle to green
    • Check News Alert Style
    • Hide/Show Notification on the Lock screen of mac
    • Show Notification Preview
    • Show in Notification Center
    • Badge App icon
    • Notification Short Order by the app, Recents, Recents By App, Manually By App
  • Enable Location Services for News App on Mac: Apple Help to help in your reading more fascinating with interesting news that happens in your local area and trending related to your profession.
  • Manange Location Services for News App on Mac
    Manage Location Services for News App on Mac
    • To Manage location Service settings on Mac: Go to the Apple Logo on Mac > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab > Location Service from Sidebar > Unlock the lock on Settings [Enter your Mac Login Password] > Now, Enable Location Service > Enable Find My Checkbox.
  • Discover New Channels and Topics on Mac News App: Open News App on Mac > From Top menu > File > Discover New Channel & Topics > Select the Topics you should like, > Done.
  • Check for New Story on Mac
    Check for New Story on Mac
  • Manage Apple Music Subscription on Mac: We can cancel or Activate Apple Music Subscription on Mac anytime, Unfortunately, we can refund money after subscription Start, So we can stop billing cycle from the next month.
  • Manage News App Subscription on Mac
    Manage News App Subscription on Mac
    • Open news App on Mac.
    • From Top Mac Menu > File > Manage Subscriptions > Find Out Apple news and Edit the Subscriptions like Stop > That’s it.
  • Clear Apple News Search History on Mac: Anytime we can erase our search from News Mac App. Open News App on Mac > From Top Menu > News > Clear History.
  • Manage News App History on Mac
    Manage News App History on Mac
    • Clear History
    • Clear Recommendations
    • Clear All.

    Find More solutions: News App Not Working on Mac

  • We are updating for your Problems and Relevant solutions. keep in touch via Q&A Forum.
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    1. I’m using iPad mini 4. The news widget has disappeared and I’m not able to get it from the apps at all. I’ve updated my iPad, off and on, etc but nothing. Please help.

      1. For You case, you need to check Widget removed by you or not added using step showing above: Add News Widget.

        Also try: Reset Settings, Go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

        Thank You! For your Response.

    2. When I’m viewing a news story and there is an Instagram post within the article, that portion will not load. It loads Twitter and YouTube videos just not Instagram pics or videos. How do I fix this?

    3. Always get Welcome to News screen with error: Sorry, News isn’t available right now. Try again later. Tried deleting installing and restart. Have restrictions set but News is selected per above. Am country US. Is new iPhone 6. Has never worked. Did iTunes restore backup from prior iPhone 6. On old iPhone my selected feeds worked ok but as others have mentioned the News feed itself stopped working. Am on iOS 11.4. Have 5.83GB free. Seems should be enough.

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