Fix Apple Watch Scratches on Body: Remove Mark From Sides & Body

Fix apple watch scratches from steel body

Round out edge apple watch side made from polished hard metal. On minimal attention about friction on apple watch with another surface when on the desk, Stand, or with the bracelet, always distract people who want enjoyment without apple watch case or Apple Watch screen protector. Now what to do on Fix apple watch scratches come, as a time to go. Don’t miss these healthy tips that will make your apple watch always new fresh and your personality as well.

Most of the techie experienced this way, who feel like an unboxed new apple watch.

Prerequisite stuff: Metal polish cream, Cotton Towels, Full glasses for eye protection.

Note: Apple has not been guaranteed about body damage or scratches that came on body or glass face. And we know any metal object has the same issue about scratching or color coating problem. So let’s fix it in the former way just like you are done with your bicycle, Bike or Car.

Steps on Fix Apple Watch Scratches, Stainless Steel Body 38mm/ 42mm Watch

Keep a cotton towel for polishing and Mother Metal Polish. In this don’t need water or other types of chemical mixture for cleaning or more body touching.

All in one solution come with this unique pro-Mother Metal polish. (So, only use this metal polish on Apple watch metal body part, not anywhere else) Also wear glasses for eye protection.

See full Dom’s video tutorial on Fix apple watch scratches in just a few minutes

I would like to recommend to try the same Metal polish for stainless steel band.

All apple watch owner can do this very easily, it’s hence that you don’t need any types of technical knowledge, Expert advice, Just follow the above video tutorial and Fix apple watch scratches right now or anytime in future.

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