iPhone Says No Sim Card installed when there is one iOS 16.5: Here’s Fix

Solution to Fix Cant Activate iPhone XS, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR cause alert No SIM installed or invalid SIM

Why Is my phone saying there is No SIM card? my phone says no sim card emergency calls only Error. This error bothers users to make iPhone calls. it makes ruin phone call feature cause No SIM card can’t access Home Screen on Apple iPhone. Your brand new iPhone or iPhone that is currently restored getting might be wont activated due to Invalid SIM (E-Sim also not detect) or No SIM installed Error pop-up. This nasty message on the Screen gives panic because you are unable to use carrier services too.

in this situation, users have only one approach to use the internet, and it is through Wi-Fi. I think you may be planning to visit Apple Store to fix an issue. Before going there, at least read my ideal free-of-cost guide that will be resolved No SIM card or Invalid SIM error quickly on any iPhone model. Try all the clues in sequence till the End and hold on to a station that is helpful for you and send feedback in the comment box below.

Before getting started, we should look at the reasons for getting an invalid SIM or SIM not installed (SIM Card not detected) alert.

Possible Reason- Why iPhone Says No Sim card installed when there is one

  • Wireless Carrier Plan Expired
  • Old iOS version or outdated Carrier Settings
  • Damage SIM card or SIM Tray Physically damage
  • iphone no sim after screen replacement
  • iphone no sim after water damage
  • iphone no service after sim swap
  • iphone says no sim card installed after dropped
  • Unsupported SIM Card
  • iOS Device Activation System Server under maintenance by Apple INC

Complete Guide How do I get my iPhone to stop saying no SIM pop-up Error?

Okay, I think now we should Let’s Start to repair the alert iPhone won’t activate due to a SIM card issue!

Video Guide to Fix iPhone No-Sim Error Pop-Up

Follow the given all the instructions: –

Fix:#1 Active Carrier Plan [sometime appear error when Carrier Plan Expired]

Please check out that you have an active plan with your wireless carrier, for ex- AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, Sprint, etc.

Fix:#2. Check For Software Update

The plan is still activated. However, you get an invalid SIM alert then check out your iOS Software version. It’s straightforward to check out via the bottom path.

Open the Settings App – Tap General – Hit on Software Update – I request you to hold till your Phone notices Software Up to date or have a new version. [Hint- in case of using this way if you are facing any issue or error code alert then don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment or email us- we will help you quickly]

Fix #3. Restart your Phone

Sometimes above both troubleshooting is to be okay. However, you can’t activate your iPhone 2021 models then Restart Phone is an ideal solution without attempting any other risky trick. Get here how to Restart iPhone.

Fix #4. Check For Carrier Update

Alerting No SIM or Invalid SIM problems than might your Phone running with old Carrier firmware. Here given steps through which you can check and update Carriers Settings on your iOS device.

  • Launch the Settings App – hit on General – tap on About – scroll to the Carrier and tap it. If any update available then you will see a prompt to select Update of OK. That’s fine!

Above motioned fixes don’t work to get rid of not valid SIM or SIM not installed- Don’t worry, we have several more powerful and free ideas that will be useful. Jump and read next solutions:

Fix #5. Remove SIM- Re-insert again [Use SIM Ejector tool]

Remove Pre-installed SIM Card from the SIM Tray and put the SIM back. The primary case this untold technique works to fight against SIM card Error. [Hint: Double Check that the SIM Tray closes entirely and is not loose]

Apple iPhone supports only Nano-SIM Card, therefore, if you are trying to put other different iPhone model SIM Tray or from the third-party phone manufacturer, then it might not fit properly.

Apple Server maintenance may be generated iPhone activation problems So please check out this link and confirm iOS Device Activation Service is Available. If unavailable then you should try to activate or try SIM card later.

Fix #6. Try Someone else SIM Card to Test SIM Try your Phone Sim try working or not

This workaround says that consumers should try another SIM card, in case you, don’t have another one then please go to your carrier’s retail store and ask them to test your phone with another SIM card. If it is done your deal, then you might need to replace your Nano-SIM Card. [Don’t forget to ask them if I should take a backup of Contacts Stored to SIM Card].

Fix #7. Visit Nearby Apple Store

Still, your iPhone can’t scan SIM card to unlock iPhone and see alert NO SIM Card installed or invalid SIM than go to nearest Apple Store.

What to do when getting SIM not supported alert.

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