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iOS 12

Fix iOS 13/12/iOS 12.4 iCloud Music library cannot be Enabled Error on iPhone or iPad

Now iOS 12 is available for all of us to download and make our iDevices worthy with all new functions. But since it is a technology some way or another way it causes errors at some point. Today we will talk about one of the most critical issue people are facing that is, iCloud music library cannot be enabled.

If you’re the one who received multiple iCloud music library errors like iCloud music library cannot be enabled iOS 12, or iCloud music library cannot be enabled 90 days or apple music, or iCloud music library won’t turn on iPhone and much more. All these errors will be displayed in the very small font on the screen.

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This could be errors which are generated by Apple’s server. Eventually, it is not a big deal to fix these issues if you follow this guide and proceed with the mention steps.

Fix iOS 12 iCloud Music library cannot be Enabled Error on iPhone or iPad

Fix iOS 12 iCloud music library cannot be enabled Error on iPhone or iPad

Fix 1: Check out how to fix iCloud Music Library Can’t be Enabled on iOS 12:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app looks like gear icon, open Tap on your name’s banner.

Step 2: Enter passcode of iCloud account.

Step 3: Now go back to “Settings” and tap “Music”.

Step 4: Next, enable “iCloud Music Library”.

Step 5: After that one pop-up will ask you to Replace or Merge your Library.

Step 6: Choose one of them and tap “Done”.

If this doesn’t work then try it for 2 to 3 times and then it will work on iPhone.

Fix 2: Force Restart the iPhone

This solution might be helpful for you; it is better to do something instead of sitting idle.

Step 1: Press and release the Volume up key.

Step 2: Press and release the Volume down key.

Step 3: Next, Press and hold Side button until you see Apple logo on the screen.

Fix 3: Reset Network Settings

iCloud requires an internet connection, and there are also chances that your internet connection speed is not insufficient to your iCloud. Moreover, if there is anything in your iPhone acting as an obstacle. Let’s take a look how you can reset network settings and get rid of iCloud Music Library Can not be enabled in iOS 12.

Step 1: Go to the Settings App and Tap “General”.

Step 2: Scroll down the screen to tap on “Reset” and then “Reset Network Settings”.

It will remove all the passwords of the Wi-Fi and clear all the settings that you have made in iPhone/iPad.

Fix 4: Restore iPhone to its Factory Settings

We all know if none of the solutions is responding then the last option for us is to restore the iPhone to its factory settings.

Note: Before performing this below-given fix make sure you must take backup otherwise, you will lose all of your data.

Step 1: Open up the “Settings” App, then open “General”.

Step 2: Tap “Reset” and then click on “Erase All Contents and Settings”.

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