iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo While Updating iOS 17.4.1? Here’s Fix

iOS 17 on iPhone 14 Stuck on Apple logo with Progress Bar. Fix iTunes stuck updating iphone software apple logo and loading bar.

AFTER CLICKING ON iOS 17 INSTALL BUTTON. Several iPhone users reported updating to new software or restoring from backup their iPhone at that time device showing up Black color iPhone Stuck on Apple logo with Progress Bar mode. It denotes installation progress. Might you see that progress bar on your iPhone or iPad moving very slowly, or sometimes appear a loading bar underneath the Apple logo is not moving? Unfortunately, there isn’t any shortcut or traditional way to skip the Apple logo with a progress bar.

And hmm, we’re here talking individual for there are lots of brand new iPhone user reported their problem as iPhone stuck on Apple logo and loading bar to updating iOS 17.

It is because the amount of time depends on the number of files stored on your iPhone. By the way, this entire process can take as little as a minute if your brand-new iPhone 15 series has little or no data or if you are doing a factory reset of your iPhone.

Fix to iPhone Stuck on Apple logo with loading Bar

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Apple recommended that the user wait until the device completes the process cycle, such as upgrading or restoring or factory resetting.

For those guys whose iPhone contains a large number of files, then the process can take several minutes to an hour.

There are two different points:

If iPhone is connected to Mac or Pc and appears in iTunes, you can configure sync options and sync files until the process is complete. In the end, leave your device attached to iTunes and wait for the whole migration process.

Are you trying an OTA update? Please keep your iPhone connected to the power source so the device won’t run out of power during this process.

If your iPhone runs out of Power, you should connect it to a Power source to the wall outlet and leave it until the updating or restoring process is done.

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Bottom Line:

For that iPhone user experiencing restoring or upgrading process never complete and goes into an infinite loop or becomes your device is unresponsive. It will help if you Force Reboot your iPhone

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