Fix iPhone X/8/7/6S/SE iCloud Restore Failed after iOS 12.4/iOS 12 Update

This post covered fix iCloud Restore failed on iPhone and iPad after iOS 12 update. Get easy solution to repair error stuck or cannot restore backup or problem connecting to server or icloud restore problem with backup data on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE.

Before updating iPhone to iOS 12, you must have taken back up for safety measures in case you do not lose valuable data. Now, the device is ready after upgrading to iOS 12, but some of the data is missing then? There is one best and most adaptable method is to restore via iCloud.


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Restoring backup using iCloud doesn’t require any cable or computer; just you need your iPhone and good internet connection. However, if time is terrible for you, then you might face critical situations while restoring the backup. Facing such problems isn’t the big deal after updating to iOS 12, and many users encountered and solve this dilemma by below solutions.

Fix or Unstuck iCloud Restore failed on iPhone and iPad after iOS 12 Update

Fix iCloud Restore Failed Error on iPhone ipad

Solution 1: Check Wi-Fi Connection

The Speed of restoring a backup from iCloud depends on how fast is your internet connection. If the internet service is slow, then it will take quite more time to restore big files. In such case, you should have patience because it will take time to restore. I would suggest you should have the fastest connection while restoring a backup from iCloud and stay close to the network router. By following this, you won’t face iCloud restore failed after iOS 12 update.

Solution 2: Check iCloud Backup

You might get the error like the last backup can’t be completed. To troubleshoot this problem, you should follow some points. The first one is iPhone must be connected to the good Wi-Fi network and if you are already connected with strong signal then follow the steps.

Step 1: In the “Settings” App, tap on your name’s banner.

Step 2: Click on “iCloud” and take backup.

If this isn’t helpful for you, then try the next step.

Solution 3: Verify Your Apple ID

Apple ID is one of the necessary factors that you should know while restoring a backup from iCloud. Or else if you receive a message like sign in with multiple IDs then don’t get panic.

Because of it might be a reason that you have purchased music tracks, movies or apps with different Apple IDs. Make sure that all of your Apple ID gets verified.

This policy of Apple prevents your data safety and allow the only owner to restore the data.

Solution 4: Check Storage of your iPhone

In this busy life, people download stuff and do not delete them even it is of no use. However, this can lead to a huge problem like device gets slow, will not respond, and the one which you are facing currently.

Cleaning junk files and waste files can make a certain amount of free space which can be used further, and you will not face storage related problems.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and open “General”.

There you will find Storage option and complete detail of storage usage.

Do you have any trick to fix iCloud Restore Failed in iOS 12? Please write it in the comments. We understand your valuable time and response. Thanks for Reading Us!

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