Screen Time Not Working on iPhone, iPad? Try These Fixes

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Screen Time has too many custom features and settings that we can apply on all iOS devices. Screen Time works and uses iCloud to apply restrictions on the app remotely from your iPhone, iPad settings. For Ex, Setup or add app limits on Child iPhone or iPad. Here I explained the real-time problem that happens to me and what we should do to fix Screen Time problems.

Bonus tips: Screen Time we can use to set passcode automatically before the open app. That we are using on Android mobile (Passcode on the app).

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  1. Screen Time Won’t Turn On or Greyed Out
  2. “Family Usage” Not Showing Child or Kid’s Name
  3. iPhone, iPad: “Sand Timer” icon Prefix of App Name
  4. iOS 12: Screen Time is off but still showing “Sand Timer” or “App Limit”
  5. My iPhone Turning off and Restart loop while Screen Time is on, Hanging and Freeze
  6. Screen Time Report or Graph usage not showing, Missing on iPhone, iPad
  7. Use Screen Time Passcode Not Working
  8. The App icon is Missing After Set Restriction From Screen Time

My iPhone affected with below real-time Screen Time problems & Solutions

1. Screen Time won’t turn on or Not Clickable

downtime, app limits, always allowed aren’t clickable and Greyed out.

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Screen Time has some major internal glitches with iOS 17. That couldn’t allow using or turning on new Screen Time or Hiding “Screen Time turn on” option on iPhone/iPad.

That means your iCloud accounts are not as a parent or Guardian. You are restricted by your Family member. So move to that device or your Parent’s iOS device. And make it enable. See Below Video and fix

Find your Error and Fix with the next solutions.

2. “Family Usage” Not Showing Child or Kid’s name in Screen Time

We can add all Family devices in screen Time as a Child or Person Via “iMessage” or “Create Child account” from the device.

3 Setup Family Sharing in Screen Time in iOS

Can’t find Chields account in Screen Time settings screen, Unable to Add Child or Kids in Screen Time: First Add a person in your Family Sharing for the Screen Time, Go to the “Settings” > “Profile Name” > “Family Sharing” > “Add Family Member..

3. iPhone, iPad Home screen app showing “Sand Timer” icon Prefix of App Name

Home screen apps showing Sand Timer on App name on iPhone, iPad. Once your Apply or Turn on Screen Time for selected app categories, Your iPhone will find all the app automatically and set the “Sand Timer” icon next to the name of the app on the Home screen and the App icon slightly dark and dimmed light app icon.

Turn off screen Time from “Settings” > “Screen Time” > “Turn Off Screen Time” (Enter Passcode if set).

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1 Sand Timer on App limit icon on home screen app on iPhone

Still not fixed then, Turn on Screen Time > and Disable or Turn off DownTime, App Limites using below steps,

3.1: Screen Time is off but still showing “Sand Timer” or “App Limit”

Screen Time is turned off from Settings, Can’t remove Screen Time from iPhone

  • App limits are turned on, Turn off app limit: Go to the “Settings app” on “iPhone” > “Screen Time” > “App Limit” > “Delete“.
2 Delete app Limit on screen time in iOS 12

Apply will take time up to 2 minutes. To get Quickly effect you should go with Restart or Hard Reboot. Wait for that and test with your iPhone. Hopefully, you will access all the apps that you can’t open or Show App Limit screen after turn off screen Time.

4. My iPhone X turning off and Restart loop while Screen Time is on, Hanging and Freeze

Screen Time will manage in Background after turn it on. That handles the entire request in the background while the user tries to open. Let’s decrease overload on the processor and keep processing memory free while you record Camera, Play Game and Use Third-Party app or Official app.

Turn off Screen Time. Go to the “Settings” > “Screen Time” > “Turn Off Screen Time”.

5. Screen Time Report or Graph usage not showing on iPhone, iPad

As you use your iPhone, Screen time will be reported here

We can get detailed information about iPhone from Apps usage, Notification control, Number of pickups and more.

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To Know this, Go to the “Settings” > “Screen Time” > “Tap on Graph” [Wait for Few Seconds or a minute]

4 Screen Time Graph Report on iPhone in iOS 12

Use Toady and last 7 Days tabs at the top.

Too Many Complexity on App, Reset Recorded Time usage, Start again

Settings” > “Screen Time” > “Clear Usage Data

  • Force Close app or Restart your iPhone

6. Use Screen Time Passcode Not Working

Screen Time passcode Failed or Blocked: Failed Passcode Attempts showing the message: “Try again in 1 minute”, “Try again in 2 Minutes”, “Try Again in 15 Minutes”.

To remove passcode: Reset All Settings, Go to the “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset All Settings”. Not helping out then tries with iPhone Clean Restore.

7. The App icon is Missing After Set Restriction From Screen Time

Screen time also uses for restriction on app and Content. In Screen Time settings screen, See last option is Content & Privacy Restriction.

iOS 12 moved Restriction to Inside the screen “Screen Time”, Go to the Settings > “Screen Time” > “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.

5 Restrictions Settings on iPhone Screen Time in iOS 12

Now, Every Thing will be controlled from here – In-App Purchase, Deleting apps, and installing the new app, AirDrop.

Check that and Correct it.

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Hope this article will help to fix New Screen Time in iOS problems and issues that arise from bugs and incorrect settings.

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