Fix, Why is iPhone XS Max Screen Flickering Lines, Black and White Screen Flashing

All of sudden my iPhone XS Max screen flickering Line and Unresponsive with Black or While screen, is that what you are looking for? Then you are at the right place, in this post we have addressed the most irritating screen issue in iPhone XS Max. There can be anonymous software glitch affecting your iPhone XS Max or it might be caused because of faulty hardware. And the second approach for these types of problem is hardware issues, Loose contacts between your iPhone Screen and Processor Chip.

Moreover, try our troubleshooting tricks one by one and check if the iPhone XS Max screen flickering is fixed or still persists. You may find screen flickering while using a particular application. A solution for Verticle lines on the screen is made the firm connection between the iPhone Screen and Internal parts. Tech savvy and Professionals can do it easily and safely. Before you go with hardware repairing solution, Double check is there any software problems by following below steps.

Important Troubleshooting tips to fix iPhone XS Max Screen Flickering and Blue/Red Lines Makes Unresponsive

iPhone XS Max Screen Flickering
iPhone XS Max Screen Flickering

Fix With Reboot your iPhone XS Max

Press and Quickly Release Volume up button and Download button one by one. Now only Press and Hold Side button until your iPhone turned off after apple logo appeared on a screen.

Now, turn on back, only Press and hold side button until welcome apple logo appears again.

ProblemsHas anyone noticed any screen flickering.
The best way to describe it is my auto brightness is struggling to adjust correctly.
I’ve noticed it twice today and lasted a couple of seconds while using it. Last happened using WhatsApp.
There are no blue/red lines etc.

Solution: Experienced this a couple of times while on Max Brightness, So Disable Auto Brightness or Keep at low Brightness. Go to the Settings app on iPhone > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Disable Auto-Brightness.

Fix after Disable Reduce White Point

If you have enabled the Reduce White Point in your iPhone XS Max, then try your luck by turning off the Reduce White Point in your iPhone. In some cases, iPhone XS Max screen flicker issue get fixed by this trick.

  • Step #1: Open up the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #2: Tap “General”.
  • Step #3: Locate “Accessibility”.
  • Step #4: Select “Display Accommodations”.
  • Step #5: Disable “Reduce White Point”.

Fix With Reset iPhone to factory settings

Another way to get rid of this screen issue in the iPhone is to just wipe the entire iPhone to the factory settings. This will remove all the malfunctioning files and glitches permanently from your iPhone. But before Factory Reset, you should take backup of your device, because once data is gone you cannot access it.

  • Step #1: Launch “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Select “General”.
  • Step #3: There, go to the “Reset” option.
  • Step #4: Scroll down and tap “Erase All Contents & Settings”.
  • Step #5: Enter the Passcode, if asked.

Sit back and relax iPhone XS Max will take a few minutes to set up as new.

Fix after Check for Updates

Before visiting the Apple Store, you might try to update iPhone XS Max to the latest version. It might be possible that iPhone XS Max Screen Flickering would get fixed simply by updating the device.

  • Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Tap “General”.
  • Step #3: Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Software Update”.
  • Step #4: If an update is available then select “Download & Install”.

Fix At Contact Apple Support

Since not a single method works out for you to fix the iPhone XS Max flicker screen then it’s time to contact the local Apple Store. To save your precious time, kindly make an appointment and on the allotted slot you can visit and get repaired your device.

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