How to Fix Zoom App error 104101, 104103, and 104114 on Mac & PC

The primary reason for getting error codes like 104101, 104103, and 104114 on Zoom is the problem with the server and connectivity issues. The users might see a pop-up saying, “Can’t connect to our service, please check the network connection and try again. Error code: 104114, 104101, 104103” when they open the app or try joining a session. This connection error is a very frustrating issue as it prevents the users from hosting or entering any meetings, thus leading to an imbalance in their workflow.

However, there are some ways by which the users can fix the Zoom error codes 104101, 104103, and 104114, and we will discuss them in this article. The procedures mentioned in this post have proven to be useful for many zoom users, so take note of them.

1. Relaunch the Zoom Client 

The most basic and elementary solution for solving the errors is to restart the zoom client on your device. This process will cause the app to reload and refresh its resources, thus eliminating all sorts of minor bugs and errors. First, close the application from your system, then open it again and try to join the session again in which you were facing difficulties joining.

2. Restart the Network devices, laptop, or Mobile phone

If relaunching the zoom app does not solve the problem, then try restarting our network devices, laptop, or mobile phone on which you are using zoom. Just follow the procedure described below to restart your network devices and laptop.

Step. 1→ Normally shut down your device and unplug the network devices like router and modem.

Step. 2→ Wait for some time and then plug in those devices and connect to the internet.

Step. 3→ Then, turn ON your laptop, computer or smartphone and try joining the meeting again.

This process will refresh the app resources and your WiFi network connection to its initial state. Hence, you will be able to join the ongoing zoom meeting without any errors caused by the network devices.

3. Monitor your Internet Connection

Since the error codes 104101, 104103, and 104114 arise due to server and connectivity issues, it is possible that slow internet connection speed might be the reason for this problem. To check the network status and internet speed of your WiFi, follow the steps listed below.

Step. 1→ First, disconnect all the devices that are connected to the WiFi.

Step. 2→ Connect one device on your WiFi and launch any web browser on it.

Step. 3→ Then, go to any of these websites-

Step. 4→ Hit Go to check your network connection and internet speed.

This method will show you the status of your internet connection. For example, if the users have slower internet speeds than usual, they can try contacting their internet providers to solve the problem.

4. Temporarily Disable the AntiVirus and Firewall on Windows 10

The AntiVirus and Firewall of your laptop or computer might be restricting the Zoom app from functioning correctly, thus causing problems like error codes 104101, 104103, and 104114. So the best way to fix the issues caused by the AntiVirus and Firewall is to disable them for the time being. The users can do this easily by-.

Step. 1→ Tap on the Windows key on your keyboard or click on the start icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step. 2→ In the search bar, type in settings and press enter.

Step. 3→ Then, look for Update and Security and open it.

Step. 4→ From all the options available, click on Windows Security.

Step. 5→ After that, select Virus and Threat Protection and go to the Manage settings tab.

Step. 6→ Search for the setting labeled as Real-Time Protection and toggle it to turn it OFF.

After following these steps, reopen the zoom app and try joining the session again to see if the problem still persists.

5. Allow or give access to Zoom on Windows Firewall on computers.

The Windows Firewall is your computer’s first layer of security against malware and other suspicious apps. Therefore, it is quite possible that the Firewall must be preventing zoom from connecting to the servers. A quick and straightforward solution to this problem is to give Zoom permission to work freely on Windows Firewall, and the users can do this by following these straightforward steps.

Step. 1→ Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step. 2→ Search for the control panel in the search bar and hit enter.

Step. 3→ Head over the system and security tab and select Windows Defender Firewall.

Step. 4→ From the list of settings available on the left, click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.”

Step. 5→ Then, choose the option of “change settings.”

Step. 6→ Lastly, from the list of apps and features, select Zoom, allow permission on Windows Defender Firewall, and apply the settings.

This process will give zoom the access to run freely on your computer without any restrictions from the Windows Defender Firewall.

6. Clear Zoom app’s cache from your iPhone or Android smartphone

Another effective way to fix the error code 104101, 104103, and 104114 on an iPhone or any other Android smartphone is to clear the cache of the Zoom app. This will free up the temporary files and storage of the app, thus enabling it to work perfectly without any bugs or glitches. Go through these steps to clear the cache of zoom on your iPhone or Android device.

Step. 1→ In your smartphone, open settings.

Step. 2→ Head over to the Apps and Games setting.

Step. 3→ From all the apps, look for the zoom app and tap on it.

Step. 4→ Then go to storage.

Step. 5→ Tap on the clear cache and clear data option.

This method will clear all the app data and cache permanently from your smartphones, thus freeing up space and boosting the performance of the device and Zoom app.

7. Changing the DNS settings of your computer

If you have tried and tested all of the above methods and are still seeing the error codes 104101, 104103, 104114, then the best you can do is try changing the DNS settings of your computer since these problems are a result of network issues. Switching to a faster and more stable DNS server might fix the connectivity issues with the zoom server. In order to change the DNS settings, go through the steps described below.

Step. 1→ In the search bar on the taskbar of your Windows PC, type the control panel and hit enter.

Step. 2→ Then, click on the setting labeled as Network and Internet.

Step. 3→ Go to the Network and Sharing Center

Step. 4→ Look for the option labeled as Change Adapter settings and click on it.

Step. 5→ After that, search for your network and right-click on it to select properties.

Step. 6→ From the list of settings, select Internet Protocol Version 4 or TCP/IPv4 and click on properties.

Step. 7→ Select Preferred DNS server and enter 1111 as the input value.

Step. 8→ Then select Alternate DNS server and enter 1001 as the input value.

Step. 9→ Finally, tap on the OK button to save changes.

This method will change the DNS server of your computer to a public server that is adaptable with almost all the websites and applications, thus fixing the errors arising due to network issues on the Zoom client.

8. Adding Zoom’s website to the list of Trusted websites on your computer 

Adding website as a trusted website in your internet settings might fix the problems like error codes 104101, 104103, 104114, which are caused due to network and connectivity issues with the server. This method is a very simple process, and the users can add zoom on the list of trusted websites in the following way-

Step. 1→ In the Windows search bar on the taskbar, type in Internet options and hit enter.

Step. 2→ Choose the security tab and press on the “Trusted sites” option.

Step. 3→ After that, click on the “Sites” button.

Step. 4→ Finally, type in under the “Add this website to the zone “setting and apply the changes.

This will add as a trusted site in your internet settings. The users can also try changing their proxy settings to auto-detect by going to Internet options → Connections → LAN settings → Auto-detect network settings. Then relaunch the zoom app and try connecting to the session again to check if the error still remains.

Since, Zoom’s error codes 104101, 104103, and 104114 are very common and frustrating problems; we have provided the users with only the best and most effective solutions to this problem. We hope that we were able to help you out in solving these errors on your Zoom app through our in-depth and step-by-step description of each method. So, try out the procedures described in this article and see what works for you.

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