Fixed, iPhone XS Max/XS/iPhone XR Black Screen Every 30 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 2 Minutes

Last Updated on Aug 21, 2020

Many people are reporting that iPhone XS Max/ iPhone XS/ iPhone XR black screen every 30 seconds, 10 seconds and 2 seconds. What exactly the users are facing the issue is with the screen timeout so there’s nothing to worry about your iPhone. I know it is annoying every now and then the screen goes off and we have to press the Side button to turn on the iPhone. Besides, when we call someone at that time the screen goes off and we have to unlock it by entering the Passcode which is quite frustrating.

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Also, iPhone XS Max black screen while playing video while the playback sounds continuous. I am not saying that disable the screen timeout completely; you can set the timer depending on your preferences. Whereas, setting screen timeout to 30 seconds or 2 minutes is advantageous as it saves the battery. Ultimately I would recommend you to adjust the auto-lock in iPhone as per your requirement to keep the battery life of iPhone healthy and secure.

Auto lock the screen interrupt your iPhone access for Airdrop large file to Other iOS device or Mac. That will stop data transfer using Third-Party software running on Mac or PC. Share large file on Cloud Storage, Social Media app or Chat app for all cases you have pro tips are below for you.

People are set auto lock screen time is too low (Average 30 Seconds), Becuase of your iPhone will drain the battery fast.

These settings are also applicable for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 6/6 Plus, 6S/5S.

Fix, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR black screen every 30 seconds, 10 seconds, 2 minutes

iPhone black screen every 30 seconds 1 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes

iPhone black screen every 30 seconds 1 minute 3 minutes 5 minutes

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Scroll down and tap “Display & Brightness”.

Step #3: Tap “Auto-Lock”.

Step #4: Now, select “Never” or select large duration that’s why your iPhone does not dim the display.

Fix iPhone black screen in 30 seconds 3 minutes 5 minutes

Fix iPhone black screen in 30 seconds 3 minutes 5 minutes

Once you set to Never, you will have to lock the iPhone manually by pressing the Side button.

Other options are,

iPhone Black Screen Every 30 Seconds

iPhone Black Screen Every 1 Minute

iPhone Black Screen Every 2 Minute

iPhone Black Screen Every 3 Minute

iPhone Black Screen Every 4 Minute

iPhone Black Screen Every 5 Minute

iPhone Black Screen Never

we can set a custom duration for iPhone Black Screen Every custom numbers of Seconds.

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Note: Attention is detected when you are looking at the screen. When attention is detected, the iPhone does not dim the display.

Worth looking Trick,

We have one more worth trying a trick that will prevent auto lock and increase the screen timeout of iPhone XS Max. Simply play Youtube or another video on iPhone screen, the screen will never turn off and this will help the iPhone to transfer data fast and also prevent enter the passcode when you connect your iPhone to Mac/ PC or Other USB accessories. As soon as your task is done, stop the video and that’s it!

Besides, that was my personal experience to fix iPhone XS Max black screen after 30 seconds, 10 seconds and 2 minutes. If you have any other method then kindly share with it, we will add that in this post and so that will be helpful for other iPhone users.

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