Fixed- iPhone camera black screen or closed lens issue – iPhone 6 & 6 plus

Tips for resolve iPhone camera black screen issue. You can get here multiple ways to avoid iPhone camera black screen issue, iPhone 6 and 6 plus Camera app not working properly, closed lens problem and more. We cannot say that no good camera celerity of Apple iPhone 6, 6 plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 and old iPhone or iPad. But user had felt bad experience with its camera app bug Such as – iOS 8 Camera issue, in iPhone 6 camera app crashes with lock screen and more.

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You’re might disturb by your iPhone camera app issues such as, front camera or rear camera not working properly, Sometimes Camera app freezes / crashing whenever you try to take photo with Lock screen even some user also sought that his or her iPhone camera not working after iOS update these all are stuff of camera problem then why black screen and closed lens issues has remain. Okay doesn’t worry get your problem fixed bellow iPhone camera black screen and iPhone 6 cameras not working with lock screen.

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Alternate ways for resolve iPhone camera black screen or closed lens issue

Step 1. Make confirm that first there is nothing blocking the camera lens if, you’re use iPhone or iPad case, remove it.

Step 2. Force quit the camera app, after that again open the camera app.

Step 3. Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Turn on it.

Step 4. Almost iOS device has an iSight and front camera so; tap both cameras by tapping camera swap icon. Now look if you see closed lance or black screen problem with any one camera, then take your iOS device to an either Authorized Services Provider or Apple Retailer Store for further assistance:

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Fixed- iPhone 6 camera not working with Lock screen  

If, your iPhone 6 camera app has not working with Locked screen then check once access allow on lock screen is Turn On or enable.

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