Fix iPhone 12 Black Screen Won’t Turn On after iOS 16.1.2 update in 2022

Last Updated on Jan 22, 2022

in this blog post, I’m sharing with you why iPhone 12 is stuck on the black screen of depth? Apple iPhone 12 consumers facing black display or blank screen problems caused by discharge battery, software issue, or hardware damage. if you try to swipe up, tap on your phone, or even press and hold on the buttons, however, phone stuck on the black screen? Get here solutions of why my iPhone 12 is stuck at a black screen? Complete solutions in this article, I’ll explain.

Some trick works and helps to fix like a hard reset, How to do a hard reset it’s easy on an old iPhone button with the home button. But no home button on iPhone 12, Process is really hard.

Important Fixes To Solve iPhone 12 Black Screen Problem and isn’t wake up

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iPhone Black Screen Problem Fixed

Fix 1: Your iPhone 12 Battery is not Charged Enough & Correct Way

No Battery! Why! Plug your iPhone 12 incorrectly Way. After enough charging, Force Restart your iPhone with the steps given below in the second solution. Too many functions and features on the new iPhone 12, Owner is using iPhone for Photography, Playing AR and VR Games, Track and Trace GPS on different apps, Background Process will drop and kill down your iPhone 12 battery very fast. You need to learn Battery Saving tips and fix iPhone 12 battery issues from free apple help.

Correct Way to charge: Use Apple Original Charging Cable, beware of loose socket and pin, a loose connection will disconnect the power supply automatically after you start charging.

Adjust plug or Lightning cable in the correct way. Use the image below.

1 iPhone X keep on Charge after black screen and Wont turn on

Fix 2: Force Restart or Reboot After Charge

Now your iPhone is not Dead due to not enough charging, Now this is the time to Turn on with enough power from weeks old ‘dead’ phone! Here’s Force restart work on your iPhone. Sometimes software issues with app auto crashing the problem of iPhone 12 keep rebooting and not turning on. Before force restart, understands your iPhone’s Button name that available on iPhone’s side edge. iPhone has Two buttons on the left side, Upper button is the call the volume up button and the down button is the Volume Down button. On the other side, We have one button only, that’s called sleep/Wake or power button that we can use for lock and unlock the screen or TUrn on Using this button only.

Let’s see how to Hard Reboot or Force Restart Apple iPhone 12

  1. First Quickly press and release the volume up button.
  2. After that, Quickly press and release the volume down button.
  3. At last, Only press and hold Side/Power button until your iPhone show apple logo on the screen. Now, wait for a few seconds.
  4. Turn on using the Side/Power button.

Once you turn on, the first check for software update so Installed app can run smoothly on your iOS when the app is in use or Not [Running in Backgroud]. This solution doesn’t help then you can install latest version of iOS using the iTunes on PC/ Finder on Mac, Follow the next solution.

Fix 3: Restore your iPhone 12 to Factory Settings

Use Latest version of iTunes on PC/Mac Finder [MacOS Catalina or later support Finder to Backup and restore because of no iTunes] on Your Mac Or PC.

  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes/Finder via lightning cable. Unlock the device and tap on trust dialog. and Allow permission on access your device on Mac or PC.
  2. Click on Device [Side of the Finder and iTunes] > Check the device Summary
  3. Find the Restore iPhone button, Go to “Restore” and click on it to start to restore process to the factory settings.

This fixes all internal problems and iOS issues itself.

Fix 4: iPhone 12 Black Screen Problem is persisting

Not enough storage space to fix the black screen issue. We need to take clean up steps. Go to the Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

  1. Offload apps option give instant free space.
  2. Enable iCloud Photo Library (Automatically Upload entire library to iCloud)
  3. At Last, Check out and Manage space used by Apps (Photos, WhatsApp, iMovie, Facebook, Pages, Number, Drive and more).

This is the guide that helps you to fix all the internal iPhone 12 Black/Blue screen problems in just a few minutes and hours.

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  1. Hello, I have a problem with IOS 12 – black screen after beta update. My device is iPhone X. This is complicated, when my device got into black screen, I tried to enter the password blindly (I wish I didn’t) after wrong Face ID identification. I did false 8 entry and my device says ‘iphone is disabled try again in 15 minutes’ after I tried to force restart and in 3 seconds the text dissapear and black screen turns again. Please help me.. I connect iTunes with the device but it can’t see the iPhone probably cause of iphone is disabled error and I cannot restore.. Guys please help this poor man I don’ know what to do…

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