Fixed: Mac white screen Problem : MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini

Let’s check the possible fix on Mac white screen stuck problem during installation, upgrade, and downgrade maxOS or start Mac system (Taking too long time on start up). Just like apple iPhone logo screen, White screen on Mac frustrating millions of users behind many reasons that we can resolve own self. Otherwise hardware problem oblige additional experience and call to expert, or help from apple store.

Some users are expecting White screen on Mac manage configuration on each single start up. But it’s not true for longer time, because Mac known for speed & performance. Let’s fix.

Help in Device Types: Macbook, iMac, MacMini, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air

5 Methods to Fixed: Mac white screen Problem

Mac white screen stuck on white screen

Method 1: Boot up in safe mode

Prerequisite: macOS 10.2 or later allow to safe mode on boot up.

This process Check you disk and repair correct issue automatically regarding software error.

Shutdown Mac, Now Press power + Shift key at once, until you see apple logo.

Once turn on Mac in safe mode, Restart from Top Apple menu > Restart.

Method 2: Fix by restore OSX from Disk Utility

Press and hold down Command + R + Power button at once, until you see power up, Now Select Disk utility.

Select your OS from left pane and First aid from top tab.

Click on run button from popup, after verify it will repair disk problems.

Method 3: Reset Memory: PRAM (Parameter random access memory)

PRAM store important Mac’s system settings – Clear Mac RAM

Shut down your Mac, then press and hold Option + Command + P + R + Power button at once, While boot your Mac.

Lift up all the fingers at once, next screen doesn’t appear on screen but in background it will reset settings data (Back to default mode).

Method 4: Restore MacOS

Shut down Mac, Then start Mac with power button,

Next, Press and hold Command + R during start up screen

Now, Disk Utilities windows will be appeared on screen, Click on Reinstall OS X.

Method 5: Hardware issue

For this matter, there would be serious hardware issue. So Check Device warranty, and try contact nearest apple support center for your fix.

Above all are the technically right solutions that works for repair Mac white screen problem on different ways depend on user’s causes.