8 Best 5 Free Twitter Tools To Schedule Tweets in 2023

Last Updated on Jul 31, 2023

Twitter, a place ‘infamous’ for information to entertainment, opinions to arguments, Bollywood gossip to socio-political ideological differences – you can find it all. Technically, connecting with people from around the world is an absolute achievement. However, Twitter also emerged as a platform for forming public opinion. The democratization of media has paved the way for social media platforms, including Twitter, to flourish to the end.

However, it is not as easier as you may think – to get reach. You cannot initiate a hashtag storm overnight on Twitter or any other social media platform. Likewise, there are many scopes of taking a business to these platforms and using these platforms to grow business. But all these require an excellent reach – a healthy number of followers and connections. There are a few things to take care of to achieve an audience- including using proper hashtags, the timing of the upload, and being online.

As they say on Twitter, even if you log in 24/7, it is still insufficient in that ocean. Since that is yet a concept and can never become a reality, you should observe the timings when you get the maximum audience for your status update or the tweets and retweets. If you randomly keep posting on Twitter throughout the day, it will never help you.

There comes the tech delight – the third-party tools for scheduling the tweet for certain hours of the day. We present you a list of third-party tools that will make your life a little easier and will not also put an eye on your credit card.

#1. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck comes at the top and is widely used in terms of scheduling Twitter and other necessary tools. Tweetdeck has a relatively simple User Interface (UI) and is very easy to use. When you log in to Tweetdeck, you will see some columns where you can explore Twitter differently. 

However, scheduling a tweet is just one of the features of Tweetdeck. There are tonnes of other features which are helpful for those who use Twitter quite often. In addition, Tweetdeck is entirely free to use.

Initially, Tweetdeck was an independent software, but later Twitter acquired it, and it integrated with Twitter’s primary UI. So, you need not think about security as well.

#2. Twitter

Formerly LaterBro, Twitter is a valuable tool for scheduling tweets. Twitter is a dynamic site that offers plenty of tools for Twitter. In addition, it has a simplistic UI and provides you even content ideas by browsing the latest posts on different topics.

Twitter has free and paid versions of it. The paid Pro version starts from $5.41 per month and ranges up to $6.99 per month. It provides a host of valuable features like scheduling up to 500 messages, bulk upload scheduled posts via CSV, unlimited number of timetables, and many others. 

#3. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a social media tool-cum-website that helps people to boost their presence on these media platforms. Unlike Tweetdeck and Twitter, SocialOomph is not a Twitter-specific tool. However, it lets you connect your social media accounts to it and access different features.

SocialOomph has a relatively techy interface. However, it is not very difficult to use, and you can take control over it after a few days of use. You may find a few more steps than usual to get your account linked. But considering the security of your social profiles, it is worth it!

The paid version of the tool ranges from $15 to $55 monthly, depending on the plan you chose. Its free version, ‘Personal Suite,’ offers basic features, and you can add only one social profile with unlimited scheduled posts. It is worth mentioning that its paid versions offer you a team to help you manage your social life.

#4. Buffer

Buffer is another tool for social media platforms to schedule post updates along with other features. It primarily aims to help people grow their businesses on social media platforms. The application has a simple, clean, and no-nonsense, straightforward interface. Buffer has a good reputation among netizens for its competent functioning of scheduling updates and its support. You will get a free plan and also a paid service named ‘Essentials,’ which charges $5 per social channel. In the free plan, you can add three social profiles and get the essential scheduling tools.

#5. Commun.it 

Commun.it has a tagline – ‘Community management made simple.’ It approaches managing a social life and social appearance and tries to make things easy. Commun.it has a clean and straightforward UI with tonnes of features. For example, you can merge all social conversations and notifications into one box to analyze your daily insights.

It has a free plan which offers one social profile. However, you can opt for paid plans, starting at $19.99 to $117.99 per month. It is relatively expensive than others, but it also offers more features and tools than the competition.

#6. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is the media tool that claims to be the highest rated among the lot. It offers small social media groups management services to ultimate social media control and flexibility for growth in every aspect.

The site of Agorapulse is simple yet sophisticated. It is known for its 30 minutes response time in case of help and support and claims an actual 96% satisfaction rate of its users. Agorapulse offers a basic free plan that is ideally useful if you are just getting started. Other than that, its paid plans range from $79 to $159 per month. However, it also has a unique program of customizing your plan based on your needs and requirements. 

#7. SproutSocial 

In managing social media profiles with different tools, SproutSocial is one of the prominent providers. Although it does not have a direct free plan on offer, you can avail of its free 30-day trial with no card required. 

SproutSocial is known for its tonnes of features and tools. It has a clean and classy site with lots of information. The Standard plan costs $89 per user per month, and its Professional and Advanced plan is priced at $149 & $249 per user per month, respectively.

#8. Hootsuite

Along with SproutSocial, another name associated with the management of social media profiles is Hootsuite. Similarly, it also does not offer a direct free plan, but you can explore their exclusive offerings in a 30-day free trial. 

Hootsuite is a place many influencers and social media people land on for its simplistic approach to making social lives free of hectic. The simple UI also adds a reason to it as a new user can get used to it quickly. 

Like Agorapulse, in Hootsuite, you can avail customized plans as per requirements. Its range starts at 1260 INR for base Professional Plan and goes up to 45000 INR monthly for its Business Plan.

Be it Twitter or any other social platform, you need to use the platform strategically to get an audience and acquire the maximum value and reach. Social media is a very dynamic and happening place. The users need the necessary tools to grow and utilize everything correctly for the best results. Scheduling posts and updates are one of the critical controls to that.

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