Turn On Full Dark Mode on iPhone, iPad running iOS 15.5, iOS 16/14/iOS 13/iOS 12

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

What you seem that iOS 11 has an original Dark Mode? If No, then yeah you’re correct, because it’s not a genuine dark mode, it just as an invert colors in iOS 11. And we need the system-wide dark mode for a long time. Therefore, we should hope that the company would put a dark mode theme in next version iOS.

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I remorse, lots of big teach media says that iOS concept leak shows off a system-wide dark mode, always on display and many impressive functions.

How to Enable Dark Mode Theme on iPhone

Now we talk about Application wise- rumors say Redesigned Music App comes out with Dark mode concept so it will be a tiny amount piece of iPhone.

I believe that Apple will be adding dark mode in iOS 12 to make its operating system great fan. Now back on Smart invert color [Check How to Turn on Smart Invert Color on iPhone] – according to a survey – user wants that Apple improves Smart invert feature to make dark mode and adds button in control center.

Apple should also think on dark mode for OLED iPhone x cause dark mode looks beautiful on the OLED display and it also saves Power.

Here’s how to enable dark mode on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR

Watch the video to enable dark mode in iOS 14/iOS 13

Ok, whatever, here’s not the end of iOS dark modes but stay tuned with us to get more new features.

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