How to Get GPS Coordinates, Elevation of Current Location on iPhone/ iPad

Apple Compass Guide know the GPS Coordinates, Elevation from iphone

Track your bearings, coordinates, and elevation [Your Height level from Sea level]. I am using the Apple Compass app on iPhone and iPad. Get the number of coordinates for any location on your iOS device using an app or Without an Application. Old The old version doesn’t have an option to use the compass app officially because it’s not pre-installed with a new iOS upgrade or Firmware installation. So for all the cases, here I give alternate ways to get GPS coordinates of the current location in Longitude or Latitude.

Note: Many users have also queried the Compass app not showing current GPS coordinates in digital numbers. So, don’t be hesitate and follow the below steps carefully.

Steps for Getting GPS Coordinates, Elevation of the Current location on iPhone

  1. Open the Compass app on your iPhone. Now, you need to allow permission to access location service. If you haven’t enabled then allow the location service “Allow While Using App” for the app from iPhone settings (Given in Next Tips).
Get Geo GPS Coordinates or Elevation from Compass app on iPhone
Get Geo GPS Coordinates or Elevation from a Compass app on iPhone
  • Next, From the compass app, you will get the Information for Coordinates, Location, Elevation from your iPhone Compass app. and Copy as well (Touch and Hold on Information to Copy).
  • Coordinates, Location, Elevation from your iPhone Compass app
    Coordinates, Location, Elevation from your iPhone Compass app
  • That’s it.
  • How to Use Apple Compass App on iPhone: Save and Share

    Important: To lock your Current Direction on the Apple Compass app, Tap on the Compass dial, Then you will see Red Band on Dial to Move back in the Accurate direction. Now Re-Tap on Compass Dial to Reset and Try again.

    lock your current direction on iPhone Compass app
    lock your current direction on iPhone Compass app

    We can copy the Coordintess from the iPhone Compass app by tap and hold on information. Tap on copy option and Share or Note your location. We can enter this coordinated on the Maps app.

    open your location in Maps on iPhone
    open your location in Maps on iPhone

    Get GPS Coordinates on the Compass app

    • Step 1: Go to the Setting App on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
    Settings app on iPhone
    Settings app on iPhone
  • Step 2: Next, Tap on the Privacy option.
  • Step 3: Then, Location Services > Enable Location Services toggle.
  • Enable location service on iOS device
    • Step 4: Scroll Down towards the full list of apps that are using Location service to run.
    • Step 5: Choose, Compass app and Select Option for While Using the app.
    Get GPS coordinates of current location on iPhone or iPad: iOS 9

    Without any Apps

    Go to the Safari App on an iOS device; next, enter google maps in the URL search box.

    Enter a place name in the Place search box or directly move your location by a tap on the blue round, automatically tracking the location, and it will be shown on Map.

    Note: To auto detects the location, you need to permit the safari app to use location service while in use.

    Find Coordination on Google Map through iOS browser

    Copy URL from safari webpage and Past in note app for easy to find GPS coordinates (Longitude or Latitude). See the below image, and I marked numbers for highlighted and underlined.

    That’s it; this is the way to find/ get GPS coordinates from Google maps iPhone.

    Easy GPS: Location track in GPS coordinates (Latitude/ Longitude), Degree/ Minutes/ Seconds, and Decimal Degree. And many premium features allow Find location area from Coordinates, Map Widgets, Compass, and Google Maps add-on. See more about the app here and Other Commander Compass Lite.

    Share your feedback and Question on alternative ways of getting GPS coordinates of the current location on the iOS device, So far.

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