Google Meet Grid View Not Working on Mac and Windows: 2024 Update

By default, Google Meet shows 16 participants in a Grid View. Google allows up to 100 participants to join the Google Meet and only shows 16 participants in front, which is quite irrelevant. However, we’re waiting for new updates for Google to let at least 50 participants in a Grid View. Till these new updates arrive, we can use the Chrome Extension to achieve Grid View in Google Meetings. On top of that, few users have reported that the Grid View extension is not working for them, but you could always try these below-mentioned tricks to fix the Google Meet Grid View Not Working.

It looks pretty cool when these participants show up in Grid View; if you’re missing that feature, then start troubleshooting the Meet Grid View not working.

Fix Google Meet Grid View Not Working

Earlier, many Google Meet users have reported that Google Meet Grid View is Not Working, and all of a sudden, it stopped working. Unfortunately, unlike Apps and Programs, there are very few troubleshooting tips to fix Chrome Extension issues, and mainly they cause an error from the developer’s end. The same happened with the Meet Grid View Extension.

When you search for Google Meet Grid View Extension, several search results will come up, and it’s hard to detect which is original. Therefore, make sure to download and install the Google Meet Grid Extension by Chris Gamble.  

Install Google Meet Grid View Extension

Google Meet Grid View can only be available in the Google Meet Grid View Extension is working correctly. Recently, many users have already filed a complaint about the Grid View not working, and later the issue was resolved by reinstalling and updating the Google Meet Grid View Extension. Download the Google Meet Grid View Extension in your Chrome App. Visit the link and then click on Add to Chrome to add the extension.

Update Grid View Extension

Usually, while using the Chrome App, all the Chrome Installed Extensions update automatically if the PC is connected to the internet connection. However, for some reason, if it is not updated automatically, then manually updating the Grid View Extension takes merely a few seconds.

  1. Type the following path in the address bar, chrome://extensions and press enter.
  2. Turn On Developer Mode from the upper-right corner.turn-on-developer-mode-on-google-chrome-extension-on-mac
  3. Few options will expand, including the Update button.update-chrome-extension-in-developer-mode-on-mac
  4. Click on the Update button. Doing this will update the extensions of your Chrome App.

Re-enable Google Meet Grid View Extension

Still, if the Google Meet Grid View Extension is not working on Google Meetings, you should disable it from the Chrome App and later re-enable it.

  1. Enter the following path in the address bar, chrome://extensions. Locate the Google Meet Grid View extension and toggle it Off.
  2. Close the Chrome App.
  3. Restart the PC and later follow the same procedure and turn On Google Meet Grid View Extension.

Reinstall Google Meet Grid View Extension

Disabling and Re-enabling the Grid View Extension didn’t work for you? It’s time to completely delete the Extension from the Chrome App and reinstall it later. If the extension is corrupted, it might show a random error or not load on the browser.

  1. Open the following path in your Chrome browser, chrome://extensions.
  2. Click the Remove button to delete the extension.
  3. After that, visit the Google Meet Grid View Extension by Chris Gamble and install it.

Change Google Account

Since Google Meet is Google’s service, it’s obvious your Google Account might be behind the Meet Grid View Not Working issue. If you have multiple Google Accounts logged in to the Chrome App, then change the Google Account from the upper-right menu bar and then try using the Meet Grid View.   

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