Hide Favorites from Safari Start Page on iPhone and Mac

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Privacy Concern, we need to hide the Website titles and URLs from Favorites in Safari. Safari Favorites and Bookmarks are one of the quick ways to access the websites that you frequently visit without entering the URL in the address bar every time you want to visit. The Safari Favorites allows us to mark the websites so you can access the websites from the Safari startup page; anyone can remove and add the Favorites to the Safari. Over time, Safari Favorites could clutter the startup page, and removing the favorites from the list is the best solution.

We’ve two methods to get rid of Safari Favorites by dragging and dropping the favorite websites on the lower screen or permanently hide all the Safari favorites at once. Here’s how to hide favorites from Safari Start Page on iPhone and Mac.

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How to Hide Favorites from Safari Start Page on iPhone and Mac

The Safari interface for iPhone and Mac is quite similar, so the process to do the same is also alike.

Hide Safari Favorites in iPhone

  1. Open the Safari App on your iPhone.
  2. When the Safari Startup page shows up, you’ll see the favorites on the screen.
  3. The Safari startup page will show you a total of 8 favorites in front, and when you tap on Show All, a list of all the Safari favorites will appear.
    • If you don’t see Favorites, then tap on the Tabs button, and then click on the Plus button to open the Start page on Safari iPhone.
  4. On the Start page, Drag the Favorites icon to the bottom that you don’t wish to see on top. and Move after Second Row, Which does not appear in the default Collepst view.hide-favourite-from-visible-favourites-section-on-iphone-safari-browser
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Hide Safari Favorites in Mac

  1. Launch the Safari App on your Mac.
  2. On the Safari startup page, you will see around twenty favorites icons; click on Show All to expand favorite icons.
  3. Don’t see Favorites icons? Click on the Plus button to bring the favorites.see-all-favourites-on-safari-mac
  4. Drag the favorites to the bottom that you don’t wish to see or need anymore.drag-and-hide-favourite-from-safari-favourites-section
  5. That’s it.

How to Hide Website from the List

As mentioned in the above section, by dragging and dropping the Favorite icon to the bottom of the list will somewhat hide the website from the list. There are some instances where we don’t want others to see the favorites websites list in the first appearance; however, this is the only solution to hide specific websites from the Safari Favorites list.

How to Hide Safari Favourites Completely? on iPhone & Mac

Want to hide the Safari Favorites completely and clear the startup page? Yes, it is possible by disabling the Favorites menu with one tap.

On iPhone:

  1. Launch the Safari App.
  2. When the Safari startup page shows up, scroll down to the end.
  3. Select the Edit button.edit-start-page-on-safari-iphone-to-hide-favourites-from-page
  4. Toggle Favorites button Off to hide Safari Favorites permanently.hide-favourites-from-start-page-on-iphone-complately
  5. That’s it.

On Mac:

  1. Go to the Safari App.
  2. Click on the three horizontal bars on the bottom-right corner of the startup page.hide-all-favourites-from-safari-mac
  3. Uncheck the Favorites option.


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