How to Hide iPhone X Notch on Wallpaper using App for iPhone XR, 12Pro Max, XS Max,11 Pro Max

Don't like Notch on iPhone? Refer this article to hide notch on iPhone XR, 12Pro Max, XS Max,11 Pro Max, X using app.

Many users are felling annoying by seeing iPhone X wallpaper with the notch, and I also don’t like this ugly notch on my iPhone X Space Gray 256GB. Therefore, I found a way to hide the iPhone X notch on Wallpaper using App. An App that makes your iPhone X’s notch disappear the same as you want to do. There is not a magic trick but how this is possible lets a close eye on the following guide to get rid of the notch of iPhone X Wallpaper.

Before attempting post, here are some of the top reviews and good to Download iPhone X live Wallpaper HD but this dynamic Wallpaper 4K comes with Notch.

Note: Apple iPhone X Wallpapers 4k and iPhone x border wallpaper HD both are popular in 2020.

The trick to hiding iPhone X Wallpaper Notch

Hide iPhone X Notch on Wallpaper

Apple’s official iPhone X Wallpapers come with notch not matter its Live Wallpaper, dynamic wallpaper, or Static Wallpaper. Even though, due to a little bit of bezel on the top bar located TurnDepth Camera and other sensors so that wallpaper and screenshot capture with the notch.

Luckily, I am giving you an App that made a developer that serves custom wallpaper.

  • Step #1. Launch the App Store from the iPhone X home screen.
  • Step #2. Find a Wallpaper app that able to eliminates the Notch from the Screen.
  • Step #3. I’m using Notcho wallpaper that Says no to the Notch.
  • Step #4. Now Download and install Notcho free from the App Store – using this you can use your picture and make it notch-less wallpaper.
  • Step #5. Now Save it into Camera roll and set as wallpaper on iPhone X.

That’s it!

Second, way, in this way, you should know Photoshop. Using Photoshop software program on your Mac or PC, you can make Wallpaper for iPhone X Notch-less.

In way number three, you can set a Wallpaper that has already no notch in Wallpaper.

I hope, you guys enjoy this trick, Do you like this or any information missing in this method? Please send me in the comments. We will quickly help you.

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