Is your HomeKit Accessory not Discovering in Home App iOS? Here’s Fix

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

There are many Home-kit enabled devices in the marketplace. You can control and communicate with it remotely using your Apple iPhone and iPad. Now in the latest iOS, you will have a shortcut way in Control Center to manage home automation devices. But for that, you must have paired a nearby HomeKit accessory with your iPhone or iPad. if your HomeKit Accessory not Discovering in Home App iPhone? Don’t worry. We offer below some potential workarounds that would be removed your problem.

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Before dive into the following steps – Make Confirm your Accessory is officially recognized with the Apple HomeKit device hardware technical specification.

Guide to HomeKit Accessory not Discovering in Home App iPhone, iPad

HomeKit Accessory not Discovering in Home App iOS 10

Clue 1. your HomeKit Accessory must be Powered on and nearby If it’s not turned ON then Please turn the power on of your accessory and keep nearby. And, make to try again. hope now it will be found.

Clue 2. Make Sure Bluetooth is enabled on both iOS and HomeKit enabled devices. Because Accessory communicating with your iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth.

Read more – Different ways to enable/ disable bluetooth on iPhone/iPad.

HomeKit Accessory not found in Home App iPhone iOS 10 iPad

Clue 3. You need to Reset HomeKit enabled Accessory if the iPhone home app search loader continuously load. Then try back.

Clue 4. if your Accessory already connected to another home, in such a case, you should Reset Accessory and then try to pairing to iPhone.

Clue 5. After tried above all clues, however, your HomeKit Accessory not Discovering in Home App iOS. Learn Accessory manufacture’s guide and be an expert to use the Accessory in the right way. If Accessory documents missing, search on Google and refer it’s a technical guide.

That’s it.

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