How AR and VR will change the face of business Arena

Though virtual and augmented realities are not yet in the hand of everyday consumers, some people overhype them and similarly, some underestimate them drastically. Both the technologies have only given end and enterprise users the glimpse of what real-world usefulness can be expected off these. But we can already see major VR devices such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and other products paving their way to the corporate world. Here’s to learn how augmented reality and virtual reality will change the face of the business world in coming years.

Conferences and Business Events:

Conferences and business events Ar and VR

The very first dent VR and AR made to the business world is through business events. Events like a trade show, conference, meeting or product launch events are where smart business owners are already leveraging these technologies heavily. In both ways to cut the cost and providing a highly engaging and unique experience to attendees, VR and AR are proving to be worth investing technologies.

Moreover, because both the devices are going from the novelty phase, the engagement and brand awareness with these devices can skyrocket. Because everyone wants to use the latest technologies and if you can offer that experience in quite an interesting manner, they are not going to forget you anywhere soon. Moreover, it is highly cost friendly for corporate outfits to leverage VR and AR in business events with the presence of VR rental organizations. Renting is a smarter way to leverage these technologies when you require them for the short term.

Employee training in a new immersive way:

Though aeronautical engineers and pilots have been training in virtual reality simulators for decades, these never have been used for general employee training. But now the boom of virtual reality in the business world is encouraging organizations to leverage the technology. Many corporate outfits are already implementing VR technology. Short term virtual technology rental organizations are also making it fairly easy to leverage technology with pocket-friendly prices.  Augmented reality is also a great way to keep the morale and interactivity of employees on the rise.

Different retail organizations use the latest VR technologies such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR to train their employees for massive crowds on promotional days such as Black Friday. Here are some more benefits of virtual reality in training.

  • Greater engagement means better learning.
  • Saves traveling and personal time.
  • Renting VR can save on equipment costs.

Redefining product prototyping and demonstrations:

The virtual reality will redefine how product launches and presentations will work in 2018 and beyond. Offering a complete immersive reality that is incorporated in the environment, VR and AR will bring artificial reality massively closer to life. This kind of product demonstrations will profoundly engage the clients and consumers to have a detailed look at different products.

Also, augmented reality makes unforgettable experiences that remain in the memory of consumers for a very long time. So, companies will be able to leverage the power of brand awareness like never before. Because customers could get the better-detailed look, companies will be able to get valuable feedback.

Real Estate industry:

AR and VR will change the face of business arena

Real Estate industry relies on customers to view the properties which they are interested to buy. Therefore the real estate industry can take vast benefits of augmented reality into their business. Independent firms can use VR devices to showcase different properties to their clients in VR devices. This will not only help them stand above the crowd but also offer a unique experience that any client would love and cherish.

Technologies like Matterport allow real estate organizations to show virtual tours of their properties to clients. There’s also a technology called Sotheby International Reality that lets you stage different virtual furniture to better get the idea of space.

AR and VR will also redefine online shopping experience:

How do you choose clothes or any accessory before buying any product? Obviously, you want to try the product to get an idea whether it suits your personality or not. What if you can try the dress in virtual reality? Choosing a good fit becomes a bit of a problem when you only can look at model photos.

Some applications offer the ability to see how different product will look at your personality virtually. Users can quickly take a look at different clothing products before actually buying them.

Virtual reality will provide new ways to impart education:

Virtual reality will provide new ways to impart education

A good teacher is one who can captivate the students. If there is no interest in the lecture, students would not be able to learn that. There are specific methods teachers use to keep their students captivated during the lectures. Now, this responsibility is being taken by technology none other than VR and AR because virtual and augmented realities are new for students and teachers as well, these help in keeping the students attentive and attracted to studies.

Virtual reality is also changing the way we presented visual elements for the better understanding of the students. Nowadays, students do not need to look at the still pictures of red blood cells when students can swim alongside red blood cells. Similarly, education will change entirely with the help of virtual reality in the coming years.

Healthcare teaching and diagnosis revolting with the help of VR/AR:

Healthcare teaching and diagnosis revolting with the help of VR- AR

The healthcare industry is on the verge to change entirely by adopting latest technologies such as AR and VR into the arena. Virtual reality is already being used in a variety of ways such as curing people with certain diseases through virtual therapies. Autism therapy, for example, is done with the help of VR for effective treatment.

Additionally, virtual reality is also becoming a great teaching tool for medical students. Watching a surgery nowadays is very easy with the help of virtual and augmented realities. Moreover, these technologies enhance the decision-making capabilities of doctors during crucial stages where time is limited.


There is only one thing that is constant in the technological world and that is change. So there is a lot coming from the technological world towards the business land. And when the business world is driven with technological advancement leveraging technology would greatly help any business to fast track success. Therefore, we can say that leveraging virtual reality will have a profound impact on the business arena. Let us know in the comments section your take on virtual reality’s impact on the business world.

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