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How to Disable/ Turn on auto unlock MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air Using Apple Watch

Setup apple watch for auto unlock macos login

Stop or Turn on Auto unlock macOS sierra remotely through Apple watch now officially from Apple, There is an also option for auto unlock Mac using iPhone from the third-party app but not officially apple. Till then enjoy auto unlock with your Apple watch, with some predefined conditions you can enable, remotely validate your identity on your Mac through apple watch. Terms of use this features makes more secure and easy to use every time and at a time when you experience.

The previous tutorial I explained, what are the reasons for Mac doesn’t auto unlock using apple watch? Here I again repeat short overview then ended with Turn off or Turn on auto open macOS Mojave from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac.


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Update your Mac system (macOS Mojave), and Apple watch with WatchOS 5 (Quite a tedious job, but you must do for try auto unlock).

Setup apple watch for auto unlock macos login

Both Devices setup under the same Apple ID (You can check it on your Browser from icloud.com – setting menu)

Your Apple ID turns on for Two-factor authentication (Two step is different).

Apple Watch must be on your wrist, verify login password by raising your hand in front of your face.

Steps for Disable/ Enable or Turn on auto unlock macOS Mojave from Apple watch

Step1: Go to the Apple menu from the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Next, Click on System preference.

System Preference option in macOS Sierra

Step 3: Then, Security and Privacy option.

Security and Privacy in macOS Sierra

Step 4: Enable Checkbox – Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

Turn on auto unlock macOS sierra from Mac or iMac

Disable or Turn off Auto unlock Mac using Apple watch

Repeat the same steps and above and uncheck “Allow your Apple watch to unlock your Mac.” Now every time you need to enter your Mac login password.

Above guide is the primary process for all Mac’s owner who wants disable/ Turn on auto unlock macOS Mojave using own apple watch, remotely.

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