How to Screenshot on iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Tips for Screenshot on iPhone 14 Pro Max. The screenshot is not only to blackmail people or take crazy snaps of someone’s profile or chat. The screenshot is meant to solve issues and to store something important for you. For instance, if you are facing weird errors while using some application, you can capture a screenshot and show the problem to the developer or expert.

In this tutorial, we have addressed almost all the points related to the screenshot. For the iPhone 8 or earlier user, the method is different in iPhone to take a screenshot. So learn how to Screenshot on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Steps How to Screenshot on iPhone 14 Pro Max

Step #1: Press the Power button and Volume Up button together on your iPhone

If you hear a shutter sound, that means the iPhone takes the screenshot.

That’s it!

How to Edit Screenshot on iPhone

If you want to Edit that screenshot, tap on the small preview of the screenshot on the bottom of the screen right after taking a screenshot.

How to Share a screenshot on iPhone

To share the screenshot, tap and hold the screenshot preview that will redirect you to the sharing options like iMessage, WhatsApp, Mail and much more.

To dismiss the screenshot just swipe the preview to either side or else leave it will automatically disappear in few seconds. The screenshot will be saved in the Photos app.

How to take a screenshot using Assistive touch on iPhone

There is a more quick way available to take a screenshot in iPhone. If you choose this method to take a screenshot, then you don’t need to press and hold the Volume up button and Power button. Here’s how you can take a screenshot using Assistive touch on iPhone. If you have already enabled the Assistive Touch in iPhone, then skip Step 1-4 and move forward to Step 5.

Step #1: Go to “Settings”.

Step #2: Tap “Accessibility”.

Step #3: Select “Assistive Touch”.

Step #4: Toggle on the switch next to the Assistive Touch.

So now you have enabled the Assistive Touch on your iPhone. A semi-transparent circle will be visible on your screen, and it is your Assistive Touch.

How to customize the Assistive Touch in iPhone and add a screenshot to the Assistive Touch.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” and tap “Accessibility”.

Step #2: Open “Assistive Touch”.

Step #3: Select “Top Level Menu”.

Step #4: Next, tap the “Custom icon”.

Step #5: From the list, locate the Screenshot and tap “Done”.

Now move back to Home Screen and tap on Assistive Touch and then tap Screenshot. This is how you can take a screenshot using Assistive Touch on iPhone

Do you like iPhone tips and tricks (how to screenshot with iPhone)? Don’t miss to share your reply in the comments! Thanks.

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