How to Send Busy Tone from iPhone for Incoming Call (13 Ways)

For the New iOS Devices users (iPhone/ iPad cellular) don’t have any idea how to reject or busy tone from the iPhone for an incoming call. This tip worked amazingly based on my personal experience When I switched from Android to iOS.  As we know and our experience on Other Mobile operating systems, an incoming call on an unlocked screen may reject it. I feel different calls show different screens, But nothing I have a straight solution for both the screen and Circumstance. The main thing you learn from here is that Send a busy tone from iPhone for an incoming call when you show the slide to the answer screen or you can block unknown calls on iPhone.

This guide is also handy who are confused, Showing two different screens (Slide to Answer a call or Tap on Accept button for receiving an incoming call or Decline button for reject) when someone calls or for all incoming calls. Now how we can dismiss a call when the screen shows only one option – “Slide to answer.”

how to set up engaged tone on iPhone for an Incoming Call: Alternate Ways

Different Screen for incoming call on iPhone

When a call is coming to your iOS device, you need to press the Sleep/ Wake button once for a mute ring or Vibrate disturbance. Then quickly Second Press on the Sleep/ Wake button rejects a call. At the caller, you have been sent a busy tone automatically set up by your Carrier. This way will let you block incoming calls with a busy tone iPhone. Hence, the caller gets an alert like The number you are calling is busy; please try again later.


in More, You can Set Caller tune. For example, The number you have dialed is currently busy caller tune.

Here’s – Tip to Answer Phone Calls Automatically on iPhone

Learn now how to make Phone busy when someone calls.

1. Double-Press Power Button

Apple 14 Series, iPhone 15 Series, iPhone 13 Series, iPhone 12 Series, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max/ iPhone XS/ iPhone XR/ iPhone X/ iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus/ iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6/ 6S/ 6 Plus, 6S Plus Button placed on side edge


iPhone SE/ 5S/ 4S placed on Top right corner edge

Busy tone from iPhone for incoming call

2. Block Contact

We can use block contact features for sending a busy tone when an unwanted call comes to you.

For Saved contacts on the iOS device, Open Contact App > Find contact > Tap on it > Move down on screen > Tap on Last option Block the caller.

Block contact for saved name

For the unknown number, Under Recent Tab > Tap on (i) icon > Move to down > Tap on Block, this caller.

Block contact for unsaved name

Further discussion on sending a busy tone from iPhone for an incoming call or to Caller, participate in comments.

3. Answer & Hang Up

This is a very basic way to avoid calls, but not smart enough to fool the caller. Because once you pick up the call and hang up the next second without saying anything, the caller will try to reach you simultaneously, so there is no escape from that annoying call.

On the other side, when the iPhone is a lock, we don’t actually have any other option left, as the locked state will only show the Slide to Answer and Decline button.

Tips to block incoming calls on Your Apple iPhone

4. Decline Button to busy tone for incoming calls iPhone

Unfortunately, most of the time, the Decline button only appears when the iPhone is in a locked state. But with the newer iOS updates, all these changes are evolved and made easier by Apple. Decline, the name itself says what it means, so I don’t need to explain further; it’s up to you and the person who is calling you. Decide whether to take that call or decline in one tap.

5. Power Button Single Press

Think of a situation when you’re attending an important business meeting but forget to Mute the iPhone; all of a sudden, the phone rings; what will you do? It will be too late if you’re sitting among other people discussing something essential until you take out the iPhone from the pocket and Decline the call.

Under such circumstances, the Single Press Power button comes into the picture. Whenever your iPhone rings, but you can’t pick up the calls for some reason, gently press the Power button once to silence the call. By pressing the power button, you’re not rejecting the call but silencing the ringtone. In the meantime, if the call continues to ring, you can pick it up.

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6. Volume Button Press

It works the same as the Single Press Power button. You can quickly silence the iPhone ring when someone calls you with any of the buttons, including Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons. It’s hard to locate the Power button when the iPhone is inside the pocket; however, if you can’t find the Power button, gently press either volume button to silence the phone call. It works the same.

7. Use Mute Switch

You’ve already used the Mute Switch to put the iPhone in silent mode. First, though, I want to share one trick: avoid getting disturbed by irritating and random phone calls, like, when the iPhone rings, use the Mute switch to mute the iPhone. It will stop the current ring other alerts until you Unmute the device.

On top of that, when the iPhone is on Mute mode, it will still vibrate upon notifications alerts, and phone calls.

Tricks to Reject incoming calls on Your Phone

8. Reject with Reminder

Apple added a good feature that lets you set the Reminder to remind you of calling the person when you are done with work. Unfortunately, though, the call will be declined on choosing the Reminder option as if you’ve traditionally rejected the call. The positive side of using this feature is that the iPhone will remind you to call back later. Other than this, there is nothing special about this.

9. Decline Call with Message

Next to the Remind Me option, you’ll see a message too. Declining a call with a message is a great way to reject the call, with the reason. Use the message preset templates to talk to you later, can’t talk right now, etc., or compose your own message. Whatever you choose, once the message is sent, the call will automatically be canceled from your side. This is the safest way to decline the call by giving a genuine reason.

10. Block Caller

Annoyed by Insurance Agents or Fake Calls? Block them. iPhone lets you put the calls into the block list, or there is one more alternative, change the settings that will Silence the Calls from Unknown Caller (Settings app > Phone > Toggle ON Silence Unknown Callers); once you enable this option, all the phone calls from the unknown callers will be transferred to Voicemail and also appear in the calling list of iPhone. Furthermore, from the same settings screen, you can add contacts to the Block list.

11. Call Forwarding

There are numerous reasons why someone wants to set up Call Forwarding (Using Dial code) or Enable Call Forwarding from Settings. For instance, you’re the company’s manager, but it’s your day off, and you don’t want to be disturbed by the clients; in that case, set the call forwarding. All the calls made to you will be forwarded to another number that you’ve added.

12. Enable Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb one of the best features available to avoid calls and notification alerts when you’re sleeping or busy with work. Luckily, all the notifications and phone calls will stay in the Notifications Center, but the ringtone won’t notify you, so later, when you’re free, it’s easy for you to track them, and if important, callback. if your Phone running iOS 15 or later then get DND settings in the all-new Focus Mode.

13. Decline Calls from Apple Watch

If iPhone and Apple Watch are paired, then the calls and alerts will also reflect the Apple Watch. Just check the calls and notifications by raising the wrist and answer them if necessary otherwise, decline from the Apple Watch, no need to take out the iPhone from the pocket.

How to Remove Busy Tone for Incoming Calls iPhone

If you can’t receive phone calls on iPhone calls and it keeps sending Busy Tone to callers, here’s what you can do to fix it.

  1. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on iPhone; it will refresh the network connection of the iPhone. Go to the Settings App or bring the Control Center to Enable and Disable the Airplane Mode.
  2. Turn Off Do Not Disturb; your iPhone won’t make noise when DND is enabled on iPhone. Again check the Settings app for the Do Not Disturb Mode. Or go to Control Center to disable Do Not Disturb Mode.
  3. Check Block List; if you’re having a problem with one particular number, then check the Block List on iPhone. Open the Settings app > Phone app > Blocked Contacts and remove the contacts if there are.
  4. Check Call Forwarding, go to Settings app > Phone app > Call Forwarding > Disable Call Forwarding toggle.
  5. Update iPhone and Carrier Settings, connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi and open the Settings app > General > Software Update. To update Carrier Settings, go to Settings app > General > About. A prompt asking you to update the Carrier Settings will appear if there is any pending update available.
  6. Reinsert the SIM Card on iPhone, try it; often, it works with network and calling issues.
  7. Contact Carrier; this is the last option left for you. Brief your problem to the Carrier and let them resolve it.

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