How to send busy tone from iPhone for incoming call

For the New iOS Devices users (iPhone/ iPad cellular) doesn’t any idea how to reject or busy tone from iPhone for incoming call. This tips works amazingly based on my personal experience, When I switched from android to iOS.  As we know and our experience on Other Mobile operating system, incoming call on unlocked screen have an option for reject it. I feel different call show different screen, But nothing I have straight solution for both the screen and Circumstance. Main thing you learn from here is that Send busy tone from iPhone for incoming call when you show slide to answer screen.

This guide is also very useful who are confused, Showing two different screens (Slide to Answer a call or Tap on Accept button for receive incoming call or Decline button for reject) when someone call or for all incoming call. Now how we can reject call when screen show only one option – “Slide to answer

Sent busy tone from iPhone for incoming call: Alternate Ways

Different Screen for incoming call on iPhone

On time when call coming to your iOS device, you need to press Sleep/ Wake button once for mute ring or Vibrate disturbance Then Second Press on Sleep/ Wake button reject call. At the caller you have been sent busy tone automatically setup by your carrier.

Means direct two time press on Slide Sleep/ Wake button put incoming call in buy mode.

iPhone 6/ 6S/ 6 Plus, 6S Plus Button placed on side edge

iPhone SE/ 5S/ 4S placed on Top right corner edge

Busy tone from iPhone for incoming call

2nd way to put number in busy mode

We can use block contacts features for send busy tone when unwanted call comes to you.

For Saved contacts on iOS device, Open Contact App > Find contact > Tap on it > Move down on screen > Tap on Last option Block the caller.

Block contact for saved name

For the unknown number, Under Recent Tab > Tap on (i) icon > Move to down > Tap on Block this caller.

Block contact for unsaved name

Further discussion on send busy tone from iPhone for incoming call or to Caller, participate in comments.


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