How to Add Data in Health App in iOS 14? and Delete Data From Health App

Last Updated on Sep 5, 2020

Health App of iPhone is jam-packed with a wide array of features that helps you tailor a new lifestyle; influence you to sustain fitness, and most importantly to keep track of various health aspects. From Heart Rate to Cycle Tracking, Health App never fails to impress us, however, sometimes, it can go rogue with one of its sub-categories, recently, I’ve experienced with the Steps counter. Even though I walked around the streets completing the workout and of course trying to achieve my weekly goal, the health app won’t take it into consideration and didn’t update the data inside the health app. It was quite inadmissible for anyone, but then I troubleshoot the health app, and also added the steps count manually, to keep track.

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It is not limited to the Steps Count, any health data can be updated manually, by following the stepwise guide I’ve mentioned. I guess you’re done with a pep talk, start with the first section, and add data in the health app in iOS 14. Also, anytime, the health app stops working, this guide could help you to add the tracking data.

How to Manually Add Health Data on iPhone

Adding and Managing Health data on the iPhone is way easier, keep your eyes sharp, and start with the process.

  1. Find and open the Health app on your iPhone.

    Open Health App on iphone and Add Data for Diff Workout and Activity

    Open Health App on iPhone and Add Data for Diff Workout and Activity

  2. Look for the Browse tab at the bottom. or Manually Find Workout From the Summary Tab, tap on it.
  3. Choose from the listed options, we’re taking Activity as an example.
  4. Again, select the Walking + Running Distance or anything that you’d wish to add.

    Add Data for Workout Manually and Recorrect Data in iPhone Health App

    Add Data for Workout Manually and Recorrect Data in iPhone Health App

  5. On the top-right corner, hit the Add Data.
  6. Fill the following data, like Date, Time, Steps (this option may vary depending upon the activity you choose earlier).
  7. Lastly, tap Add on the upper-right screen.

    Workout Data Added in iPhone Health App

    Workout Data Added in iPhone Health App

  8. That’s it.

Check the Third-Party Apps are Allowed to Update Your Health Data

This way, you can permit any application to share the data with the Health app, which makes it easy for us to access all the data from one app. At the same time, check what are the applications are allowed to collaborate with the Health app.

  1. Navigate to the Health app.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon on the top-right corner.
  3. Tap Apps.

    List of Apps that Use Health App on iPhone

    List of Apps that Use Health App on iPhone

  4. All the applications should be listed there that cordially works with the Health app.

    Apps Using iPhone Health App

    Apps Using iPhone Health App

  5. Choose the app to manage the health-related data.

How to Delete Data From Health App on iPhone

To Correct your Health Data we can Delete from The Health app on iPhone and Go Correct report for Month, Week or year. That’s the Really Helpful option given for Each Workout on your iPhone. Let’s see how to use it and Delete some data from the Different Workout in iOS Health app.

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  1. Open Health App on your iPhone, and Open Workout from the List that you want to manage. here I am Deleting Data for Running + Walking Workout.
  2. Now, Scroll to the last and Tap on See all Data Options, Tap on the Edit button to Start to Delete Some data or All Data at once.

    View All Health Data On iphone and Edit Data

    View All Health Data On iphone and Edit Data

  3. Swipe to Right on Particular Data or Use Delete all option to Clear all Health data.

    How to Delete Data from Health App on iphone

    How to Delete Data from Health App on iPhone

  4. That’s it.

If you can’t see the app or third-party health app, then open that particular app and allow it to share the data from the app-specific settings with the Health App.

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