How to add emoji keyboard on iPhone: iOS 9

A pretty iOS tip to add emoji keyboard on iPhone. The Emoji is a best text option, through that you can be adding physical expression (laugh, crying, mute, happy, b’day cake icon and more) into the message, email and more. In Addition, they make your sentence beautiful and fun too. If you are using emoji keyboard from long time and unfortunately that hide due to some miss settings on iPhone or iPad. Then, really at that moments your conversations look like a plain text. Therefore, without spoke emoji you may be feeling curious.

So if you’ve an issue about emoji keyboard missing or not appear. Do’not worry. Here I offer you steps, hope that helps you to get back your emoji icons on keyboard. Second case, this tip will be also becoming useful for those folks who are fresh on iOS and want to add emoji keyboard on iPhone, iPad in iOS 9.

Simple guide to add emoji keyboard on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9, iOS 8

Step 1. Go to Settings app on iPhone or iPad

Step 2. Navigate General

Step 3. Scroll down the screen then tap on KeyboardHow to add emoji keyboard on iPhone

Step 4. Tap on Keyboards

Step 5. Press Add New Keyboard…add emoji keyboard  on iOS 9

Step 6. Select Emoji from the listA shortcut way to change emoji skin tone color on iOS 9 keyboard

That’s it.How to add emoji keyboard on iPad, iphone, iOS 9, iPhoen 6S, 6S plus

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I hope that you should appear spoke emoji button on your iPhone keyboard. There are many iOS apps that’s require keyboard likely Facebook, Message, mail, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Kik and many more. Now enjoy beautiful emoji face and symbols during your chatting time.

In iOS 9, you can be change emoij skin tone color for some selected icon on iOS keyboard.

Know how to change emoji color on iPhone, iPad

Just press on emoji icon so you will be getting different colors Skin tone emoji face pick a one and tap on it. Get enjoy from yellow color to another color.

In the end share you feedback on this post (add emoji keyboard on iPhone). Further, get more how-to tips and tricks on 3D iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and earlier Apple device models.