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A pretty iOS tip to add emojis/Memoji keyboard on iPhone’s iOS Keyboard [iPhone 15, iPhone 14, Series, iPhone 12/Pro/Max, iPhone 11/X/8/8 Plus/7]. The Emoji is the best text option. Through that, you can be inserting physical expressions (laugh, crying, mute, happy, bday cake icon, and more) into the message, email, and more. Besides, they make your sentence beautiful and fun too. Suppose you are using an emoji keyboard for a long time, and unfortunately, that hide due to some miss settings on your iPhone or iPad. Then, indeed at that moment, your conversations look like an ugly text. Therefore, without spoken emoji, you may be feeling curious.

You have an issue with the emoji keyboard missing or not appearing. Do not worry. Here I offer you steps, and I hope that helps you to get back your emoji icons on the console. In the second case, this tip will also be useful for those fresh on iOS who want to add an emoji keyboard on iPhone, or iPad.

Tips: Hide Memoji from Emoji Keyboard on iPhone

A simple guide to Add Emoji keyboard on iPhone, iPad

Method 1:-

Step 1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone or iPad

Step 2. Navigate General. Scroll down the screen, then tap on Keyboard.


Step 3. Tap on Keyboards. Press Add New Keyboard…

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Step 4. Select Emoji from the list.


That’s it! Now, Go back and see Emoji Button. Access the emoji keyboard on iPhone’s iOS keyboard.


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Method 2:-

1→ Open the Keyboard on your iPhone from the Messages app.

2→ Next, Touch and Hold on the Glob icon at the screen’s bottom left corner and see the Keyboard settings option.


3→ Now, You will be jumping into iPhone Keyboard settings and Tap on Keyboards > Add a New Keyboard.


4→ Search with the Keyboard name emoji, and select to add it to your iOS keyboard.


5→ Now, see the emoji icon next to the spacebar key and type emoji/Memoji directly or search.


I hope that you should appear an emoji button on your iPhone keyboard. Many iOS apps required a keyboard, likely Facebook, Message, mail, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, and many more. Now enjoy beautiful emoji faces and symbols during your chatting time.

In iOS, you can change the Emoji skin tone color for some selected icons on the iOS keyboard.

how to Change emoji color on iPhone, iPad

Just press on the emoji icon, so you will be getting different color Skin tone faces to pick one and tap on it. Enjoy from a yellow color to other natural skin colors.

See the below screen, How to Find More Body Expression in a Different Color. Is there a limitation? We can not find the variation in Face Smily like the Expression emoji.

Send Different Emoji Skin Color from iPhone Emoji Keyboard
Send Different Emoji Skin Colors from iPhone Emoji Keyboard

iPhone Emoji Copy and Paste: Copy Emoji Without Keyboard Using Web

Also, we can search for or Copy the Emoji keyboard from the web easily. Some unique Emojis are not included in the Apple Emoji keyboard. Here are the tricks to find your Emoji from a Web source and Copy it to use on your iPhone while messaging, Mail, and Documentation.

  1. Open on Safari Browser or Other Emoji website is available to use in free.
  2. Now, Find your Emoji with search option or Tap on copy.
  3. Next, Copy your Emoji and Paste where you want to use; tap and Hold on the note app to paste the emoji and use it.
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Copy Emoji from Web and use on your iphone
Copy Emoji from Web and use on your iPhone

That’s it.

In the end share your feedback on this post (add emoji keyboard on iPhone). Further, get more how-to tips and tricks on 3D iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and earlier Apple device models.

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