How to Add friends Automatically in Skype on iPhone, iPad

Follow this tip to add friends automatically on Skype on the iPhone and save your time. This is a very useful way just you’ve to need to follow 6 steps to add all contacts on popular video call app Skype. Whenever you’re new on Skype and going to create a contact list manually then it’ll take your worth time because you need to find friends and add manually on the Skype contact list. But here im give you a quick easy trick to add friends automatically on Skype on iPhone.

You’ll need to manually find and add friends on Skype. So follow this tip and add all friends on Skype who is in your contacts and have Skype id.

6 Steps on how to Add Friends Automatically in Skype on iPhone

  • Step 1. Launch Skype on your iPhone
  • Step 2. Tap on your Skype Profile Picture (you can see top-middle of the screen)
  • Step 3. Tap on Settings 6 Steps on how toadd friends automatically in Skype on iPhone
  • Step 4. Tap Contacts and do turn on Since, you’ll move a new screen to Add friends on Skype if you want really then

Tap on Right arrow icon otherwise tap on not nowAutomatically add friends in skype iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iOS 8

  • Step 5. You get a Popup to ask you Grant Access to Contacts then tap on Settings and go nextPopup ask you Grant Access to Contacts then tap on Settings
  • Step 6. Now, you reach at Allow Skype To Access, then do Turn on toggle Contactsturn on toggle contacts for add contacts in skype iphone screen

That’s it.

Now check out all contacts at going on Skype app. We hope you’d get it which you want to do.

Note: if you keep Turn on automatically add friends then Skype will check your address book from time to time to find people you know. Don’t worry, it will not spam your friends with invites.

Please share with us your replay to add friends automatically on Skype on the iPhone. Keep in touch with us and get daily new tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Mac.

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