How to Add New Location on Foursquare iPhone App

Add New Location on Foursquare iPhone App iOS 9

New York, USA. There are 50 million users takes advantage of location base search and discovery service providing app Foursquare on iOS and other smart gadgets. it’s good to share location, simple platform for all. It makes easy to find location as per good rating wise such as restaurant, boutique, eat, drink, shop  or visit any city on the planet. In addition, traveling time or while your find new place on the way or riding car at any time, foursquare is amazing option as like as Google and yelp. If you’re a business person or want to start your own business then Foursquare will help to grow up local business sell. For that, just you need to add new location on foursquare iPhone business directory. do you know the advantage of it? After added venue of your business, any customer can discover firm nearby them. Therefore, your business would be reached at a new level around your city.

Though are you willing to put your new business on world’s most popular and local search discover application foursquare then please follow given below instructions.

Ultimate Guide to Add new location on Foursquare iPhone App – iOS 9, iOS 10

Add New Location on Foursquare iPhone App iOS 9

Before get started, if you haven’t installed Foursquare on your iPhone, Download it first from App Store app.

Step 1. Open Foursquare App on your iPhone home screen.

Step 2. Tap on Me option – right and bottom side.

Step 3. Hit Settings looks like Gear icon.

Step 4. Scroll down the screen and Tap on Add a new to create new place on foursquare iPhone iPad

Step 5. Enter name of your business or organization or you want to add.

Step 6. Now add primary category. (Arts & Entertainment, College & University, Event,  Food, nightlife Spot,  outdoors & Recreation, Professional & other places, Residence, Shop & Service, Travel & Transport. After add it you will get secondary category option (optional).

Step 7. Now time to add your venue on Map. So tap on Add a map Pin.tap on Add a map Pin

Step 8. Enter your address on top search bar or tap on arrow icon left-top side on map.

Step 9. Move map with a finger to drop map pin at the accurate point.

Step 10. At last, tap on Drop Map Pin and make Confirm (you can see the confirm button at top-right side).

Step 11. Enter your Place information and last tap on Done.

That’s it.

Furthermore, you can add more details like you your website domain, Twitter page and other information.

Hope, the way to Add New Location on Foursquare iPhone would be helpful for you and it will give better performance to your business, fun park or new place. Liked it? Share it.

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