How to Add Nickname on iPhone Contacts: iOS 9

Generally, whenever you trying to add a new contact on iPhone at that time, you get there are three text fields such as First name, Last name, and Company. Even if you want to add Prefix, Middle name, Maiden name, suffix or thinking to add nickname on iPhone contacts. In addition, having you any idea? Right, Don’t worry. Here you will get about on customize iPhone Contacts. Like to know tip for all iPhone users who have running iOS 9 like iPhone 6S/6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6 Plus, iPhone SE/5S/5.

Before Get started steps, we discuss in brief, what is the benefit of Nickname in a contact on iPhone? Yes, you also need to know that the genuine gain of your way. Siri can easily understand short name mean nickname, so using Siri, you can easily call to your family member, call to a friend and that contact has the nickname. Easy to remember for mail, event time etc. Therefore, to get more experience on your iPhone, you should go with following way.

Steps to Add Nickname on iPhone Contacts: iOS 9, iOS 8

To add a nickname, follow below steps with illustration.

Step 1. Open Phone on your iPhone home screen

Step 2. Tap Contacts

Step 3. Now tap the Contact you want to view then Tap on Edit.Add Nickname on iPhone Contacts iOS 9 iOS 10

Step 4. Scroll down the screen and tap on add filed

Step 5. Tap on NicknameSteps to Add Nickname on iPhone iOS 8, iOS 9

Step 6. Add a nickname using iPhone onscreen keyboard then tap to Add Nickname on iOS 9 Contacts

You’re done.

So share you experience after use this way and leave a caption about how seems Add Nickname on iPhone Contacts. Using this same way you can also add Pronunciation first name, phonetic middle name, Pronunciation last name etc.

To remove/delete Nickname field on iPhone go with bottom steps:

Phone > Contacts > Contact you want to view > Delete the Nickname Filed > Tap Done.

That’s it.

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