How to Backup Whatsapp Chat and Videos on iPhone, iPad

guide on how to take backup video whatsapp on iPhone and iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 6

Here is the way to backup WhatsApp chat Videos on iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. So far you did know that how to backup WhatsApp photo on iPhone and iPad. While if we’re talking about received WhatsApp messenger chat video backup then no such option for Video backup. But now you can doing in latest version WhatsApp iOS app.

WhatsApp gives plenty features to their users and one of them is a Backup Chat history, Media and Now Videos too, while in Viber video calling app there is no option for backup. read advantage of WhatsApp Chat History backup through that we could get it back if in case uninstall WhatsApp, if you lose your iPhone or Switch to a new one. But your Chat history is safe in iCloud. Everything (Media, Videos) about WhatsApp Chat history you can restore when you reinstall WhatsApp.

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There are two ways to take backup of WhatsApp Chat history – Auto backup and manually. If now you want received Chat Videos backup then learn it further.

Moreover per chat Notification Mute option has been involved on latest update iOS WhatsApp. If you’ve already updated WhatsApp then go at below to learn how to backup WhatsApp chat Videos on iPhone. Otherwise go to the App Store and make update your WhatsApp and then follow here under given way.

Steps to Backup Whatsapp Chat Videos on iPhone, iPad: iOS

Step 1. Launch latest Version WhatsApp Messenger iOS app on your iPhone 6, 6 plus or iPad

Step 2. Tap on Settings – you can be look like Gear icon at right-lower side on Screen

Step 3. Tap on Chat (alongside Account and Notifications) (Option Renamed Chat and Calls in old version)

Step 4. Press on Chat Backup then

Step 5. In last do turn on include Videos

Want to take backup WhatsApp Video on iPhone, How to Backup Whatsapp Chat Videos on iPhone 6, 6 Plus

That’s it.

This backup has been store in your assigned iCloud Storage. Whenever you wish you can also restore backup easily.

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