How to Block ads in iPhone or iPad Offline Apps/ Games: iOS 8/ iOS 7

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Block ads in iPhone will stop the advertisement on Apps (Not web browsers) like offline games, Contacts app, Offline Photo editing app, Video Editing. It save the web resources, privacy protected and elimination bug system. Removing ads by blocking it, you can make your iPhone secure like important data, files and useful information. It blocks popup ads, audio ads, floating ads, gaming ads and flash ads. There are many way to block ads on your devices but here we suggest best simple method and apps for block ads on your iPhone or iPad.

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Are you irritating from ads coming on your iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch device on offline app also. Then follow the below alternate way of block ads in your iDevice.

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Follow the bellow step for Block ads in iPhone, iPad running on iOS 8, iOS 7

1st way

Step 1: First of all go to the settings app.

After complete the first step go to the wifi button and check wifi button is on or off. If wifi button is on then disable it. This is most useful for the block ads on your web browser.

Step 2: Go to the wifi, and then make it disable.

Turn off/ Disable WiFi in iPhone - Block ads in iPhone

disable WiFi on iOS device

2nd way

Step 1: Next, repeat and again go to the setting option

Step 2: Go to the mobile data and make it disable.

Disable/ Turn off mobile data in iOS device

Turn off mobile data

After completing this step you can restricts all your data coming to your iPhone to web browsers, messages, email and wifi.

3rd way

Step 1: Now swipe your iPhone screen from bottom to up for control center.

Using Control center enable airplane mode

Swipe up and access control center


Step 2: Go to the Airplane mode (Airplane icon) and make it turn on.

Disable/ Turn off Airplane mode under the setting

Disable/ Turn off Airplane mode

Using Airplane mode your phone will be completely turned off and you have not calling others and also not receive the any other calls. Airplane mode is the best for the Block ads in iPhone or other iPad devices.

Using Block ads in iPhone step you can easily remove block ads on your iPhone or iOS devices. Here we are given some how to block ads steps that support the iPhone, iPhone 5S/ 6/ 6 plus, iPod touch and other iOS devices. You can also share these beneficial Block ads tips with your friends on Facebook, YouTube and other web resources.

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