How to Block Calls and Text on on iPhone, iPad running iOS 12.4/iOS 12 or iOS 11

Block calls and text on iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad. Using this iOS trick you can block all unwanted call without any app in your iPhone and iPad.

Block calls and text on iOS is very handy and useful iPhone and iPad tips when you are going to in Examination hall, Silent zone (library, hospital). You can feel relax through block all calls and message tone in your iPhone and iPad device on iOS. Using this tip, you can block all calls or text message for a saved contact number in your iOS device phone directory. On selected contact number this is the easiest way to prevent or stop all incoming call and text on disable option.


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To Block calls and text on iOS on iPhone and iOS you don’t need to install or find an app in iTunes. This trick also works for jailbreak iDevice.

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How to Block Calls and Text on iOS 12, iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad

Block calls and message in iOS

Step 1: Open Settings app from your App browser,

Step 2: Than click on Phone > Blocked option.

Step 3: Under the blocked option you can see all added contact for blocked, to add a new one tap on Add new option.

Select Blocked option to add new contact in list on iOS 7 or iOS 8

Add new contact in blocked list tap op add new

Step 4: You are done, added selected contact for block calls in iOS.

Unblock call and text in iOS: remove from the block list

For reverse procedure after block contact in your iPhone and iPad, Go Settings > Home > Blocked. From the list of blocked contacts, to unblock any of go on and swipe on the right to left, then unblock button will be shown, tap on it. You had successfully removed blocked contact from the blocked call list.

Top on unblock to remove added contact in blocked list

Block Text message in iOS

To block text message from your iOS device same procedure, you have to follow, but an option is different. Here you have to go to Settings > Message > Blocked.

Block calls and text on iOS 7, iOS 8 from message option

Tap on add new contact that doesn’t want the message from those number. To remove from block text list number, Tap on added number swipe from right to left. Tap op unblock.

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I hope you liked the way to call and text blocked option in your iPhone and iPad in iOS. Any query on Block calls and text then leave your comments!

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