How to Block Contact on Skype iPhone: iOS 11/10/9

Want to manage unknown contact block on Skype iPhone? Or are you exploring to block a contact on Skype iPhone with iOS?

Having you often feel misbehave by a user who is in your Skype Contact list, then as a better way without deleting them you should do block them temporarily. Here we’re giving you both ways to block a contact on Skype iPhone and as well to delete or remove caller on Skype iPhone.

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You can also block the unknown caller on Skype iPhone in 6 steps. As well you can do unblock them again. Might if you want to move to other video call app then get here alternates of Skype.

Steps to Block Contact on Skype iPhone, iPad: iOS

This tip will become much helpful for new iPhone Skype user likely (iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5).

Step 1. Launch Skype on your iPhone and then do if you’re not already there, then

Step 2. Navigate contacts by tap on (in recent, favorites or people) which you want to do block

Step 3. Now tap on Contact name (for Example fantech you can see below-given screen), then

11 Go to Contacts List on Skype iPhone app

Step 4. From Menu Drop Down, Go with View Profile.

Step 5. Scroll Down to the End of the ScreenYou’ll get options block Contact, remove Contact and cancel; so tap on Block

22 Go to Skype Contact Profile on iPhone iPad

Step 6. You get a popup that asks, Are you sure want to block this contact? If you really wish then Tap on a block.

You can also do block and remove that contact at the same time.

That’s it.

If you’re going above given step by step then successfully you could block a contact/people. And whenever you wish to unblock them at that time repeat above steps until Step 5 and tap on to unblock user or contact on Skype iPhone, iOS 8, iOS 9

How to Delete or Remove Contact on Skype iPhone: iOS

Following steps through you can understand how to delete or remove contact on Skype iPhone.

Step 1. Launch Skype on your iPhone

Step 2. Navigate a contact by tap on (in recent, favorites or people) which you want to do remove/delete

Step 3. Now tap on Contact name, then

Step 4. Scroll Down on the Screen,

Step 5. You get options block, remove Contact and Cancel

Step 6. Then tap on Remove

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That’s it. Hope you get here the actual tip to block Contact on Skype iPhone and with them remove Skype tip also.

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