How to Block & Unblock WhatsApp Contact in iPhone/ iPad: iOS

A most useful and essential security feature of texting app WhatsApp is Block & unblock WhatsApp Contact if you have experienced on receiving unknown WhatsApp request, Then you will find two different options Block or Save. You might know then allow in your list with save option. After on if you don’t know then you can block it from his/her profile using Block & unblock WhatsApp contact features.

Here i showing you to add contacts in Block list or unblock contact from WhatsApp block list from iPhone on iOS. This tips same works on WhatsApp Android, Blackberry apps.

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Steps for Block & unblock a Contact WhatsApp on iPhone, iPad

1st Block WhatsApp Contacts in iPhone, iPad: iOS

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp, and Open WhatsApp Setting from iPhone.WhatsApp App Setting screen for iPhone on iOS

Step 2: Next, under the setting option Tap on Blocked option.Blocked option under the WhatsApp setting

Step 3: Now, Here you can add Contacts from saved in your WhatsApp Account list.

Step 4: Tap on Add new, Find name by typing search. Then Tap on the block button.Search name who want to block and add in WhatsApp block list

Now you successfully block contacts in the list, From his/her side you can’t receive any text or media to you.

2nd Unblock WhatsApp contacts in iPhone, iPad: iOS

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp app > Setting > Blocked Option.

Inside the blocked option you can see all blocked contacts added previously.

Note: in case you sending a message to who, already added in WhatsApp Blocked contact list.

To unblock Tap on red “Unblock” ButtonTo unblock contacts in WhatsApp Block & unblock WhatsApp contact list

Don’t worry, are you are preventing active contacts in the blocked list; WhatsApp didn’t send any notification and more.

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