How to bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad

Now you can save or bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad running on iOS 7, iOS 8. For the new iOS users might be not easy to understand the way of make bookmark page on any safari webpage. From here learn how to bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad. Also edit or remove save WebPages in bookmarked list. Comparatively Google chrome, Bookmark page in iPhone’s safari browser not easy.

Learn how to Bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad

Note: Apart from bookmark webpage in safari, also you have an option for create icon for safari’s webpage in your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch home screen.

Step 1: Go to the Safari and Open it.

Step 2: Open webpage in safari browser, that you want make bookmark page.

Step 3: In Landscape and portrait mode you can bookmark page.

Step 4: here, I am showing in portrait mode, at the beneath of the screen, Tap on sharing icon.

Step 5: Now From the Browser popup option, Tap on Add Bookmark.

Step 6: Save name and Tap on Save.Bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Now you can see the list of saved bookmark in safari

From the safari at the beneath of the screen tab, Tap on Book icon, Not Favourite > Scroll full list of saved URL > recently added Bookmarked page you can see in last.

To delete specific bookmarked page Tap on Edit in above screen

Now, you can see full list with red icon before the pages.

Tap on red mark, for delete specific bookmark page.Remove added Bookmark pages

Note: You can also set your Webpage as icon in home screen, by tap on Add to home screen. So in home screen you can see specific icon for saved page.

Stay touch with us for more updates and tips for your iPhone’s safari. Any confusion on Add/ Remove, Bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch share on comment box.


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