How to Add Safari Bookmarks on an iPhone and iPod Touch: Find Bookmarks on iPhone/iPad

Bookmark safari webpage in iOS 8

Now you can save or bookmark safari webpage on iPhone, iPad running on iOS. For the new iOS users might be not easy to understand the way to make a bookmark page on any safari webpage. From here learn how to bookmark safari webpage on iPhone, iPad. Also, edit or remove save WebPages in a bookmarked list. Comparatively Google chrome, Bookmark page in iPhone’s Safari browser not easy.

Here’s the tip that learns how to access or Hide bookmark Pane in Safari App when you access your iPhone into landscape mode.

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Learn How to Bookmark Safari Webpage in iPhone, iPad

Note: Apart from the bookmarked webpage in safari, also you have an option to create an icon for safari’s webpage on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch home screen.

iOS 13/iPadOS 13: Bookmark Safari Webpage on iPhone/iPad

Re-designed Share card quite confusing on newer updated iOS on iPhone. Follow the next method for the Older iOS version running on the iPhone. So, here are the steps.

  1. Open the Safari app browser on iPhone and Tap on it.
  2. Next, Tap on the Sharing icon [Square box with upper arrow icon].

    Bookmark Webpage on Safari iPhone
    Bookmark Webpage on Safari iPhone
  3. On your share card, scroll down and Find the Add Bookmark option.

    Add Webpage on safari Bookmarks
    Add Webpage on safari Bookmarks
  4. Next, Select the location otherwise webpage saved under the Favorites, Tap on it to change and Save in Bookmarks folder. Select the Bookmarks option and Tap on Save to bookmark successfully.

Where is Bookmarks Webpage on Safari iPhone?

Sometimes not easy to find the Bookmarked webpages on the iPhone safari app. Follow the below steps and pictures to quickly find the Bookmarks Webpage.

  1. Open the Safari app on the iPhone.

    See all Bookmarked Webpage on Safari iPhone
    See all Bookmarked Webpage on Safari iPhone
  2. Tap on Bookmarks icon just near to Sharing icon. Now Go inside the first Tab and Find your all Bookmarked pages.

iOS 12 or Earlier: Bookmark Safari Webpage on iPhone

  • 1: Go to the Safari and Open it.
  • 2: Open webpage in safari browser, that you want to make a bookmark page.
  • 3: In Landscape and portrait mode you can bookmark the page.
  • 4: Here, I am showing in portrait mode, at the beneath of the screen, Tap on sharing icon.
  • 5: Now From the Browser popup option, Tap on Add Bookmark.
  • 6: Save name and Tap on Save.Bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Now you can see the list of the saved bookmark in safari

From the safari at the beneath of the screen tab, Tap on Book icon, Not Favourite > Scroll the full list of saved URL > recently added Bookmarked page you can see in last.

To delete specific bookmarked page Tap on Edit in the above screen

Now, you can see the full list with a red icon before the pages.

Tap on the red mark, for delete specific bookmark page.Remove added Bookmark pages

Note: You can also set your Webpage as an icon in the home screen, by a tap on Add to the home screen. So on the home screen, you can see a specific icon for the saved page.

Stay in touch with us for more updates and tips for your iPhone’s Safari. Any confusion on Add/ Remove, Bookmark safari webpage in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch share on the comment box.

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