How to Change Chat wallpaper in WhatsApp on iPhone: iOS 8

This tip will teach you how to change chat wallpaper in whatsApp on iPhone. You can use this tip for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also.

Let’s in little queue we talking about its popular features. The whatsApp has been downloaded by millions of users on their iOS devices as well as on Android and many other Smartphone. So it’s became popular Chat app across the World. WhatsApp has been made with amount of great features likely you can send and receive message, share multimedia content such as pictures, video messages, audio notes, Group chat, Custom notification, custom sounds and more.

Such as you can change wallpaper on your iPhone lock screen, home screen same as you can also change Chat wallpaper in WhatsApp on iPhone at below you can get all Steps about it.

Know Steps to Change Chat wallpaper in WhatsApp on iPhone: iOS 8

Follow given steps and get colorful wallpaper in background of your WhatsApp chat.

Step 1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone, then

Step 2. Tap on Settings (look like Gear icon) bottom-right side corner, thenHow to Change Chat wallpaper in WhatsApp on iPhone on iOS 8

Step 3. Select Chat Settings (located between Account and Notifications)

Step 4. Now tap on Chat Wallpaper (Above the media Auto-Download)

Step 5. Now you’ve tow options either chose Wallpaper library or Photos,how to change custom wallpaper for whatsapp on iphone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

You can get default HD wallpaper in the Wallpaper library while in Photos you get your iPhone camera roll photo

Step 6. If you like HD wallpaper then Tap on Wallpaper library

Step 7. Tap on a Wallpaper you’ll appear Wallpaper Preview

Step 8. Now swipe left or right you can view all WallpapersHow to Change Chat wallpaper in WhatsApp on  iOS 8

Step 9. Tap on Set button whenever you like one.

That’s it.

Hope You got it. If you want to keep your photo as wallpaper then go to Photos under the Chat Wallpaper in WhatsApp. And Select a Picture and see preview then tap on Set button.

That’s it. Would you like this tip on Change Chat wallpaper in WhatsApp on iPhone? Please share with us your replay if you want to know something more related WhatsApp iOS tips.