How to change Folder or Image Size on Finder from MacOS Sierra, Capitan

Mac users are chaging default folder size in finder because of it’s very small. So we can not view images or Filders inside the finder at glance without open it in preview. But for the security purpose some folders/ images need to be keep small So no one can directly see your data at a glance. But for the temporary time we can customize or change Folder or Image Size on Finder using resize view option.

Here it’s the steps on customize default folder view size or text size inside any finder view pane. Are you looking for see images in finder? Then its easiest way to check/ Find from all images individually.

Steps for Change Folder or image size on Finder from Mac: MacOS Sierra, EI Capitan

1: Open Finder on Mac. Go to your Folder that you want increase size of files, Folders and Images.

Change Folder size in Finder from MacOS Sierra

2: From Top menu options, Click on View > Show View Options or Command + J shortcut. Or Right click on Folder > Show View Options.

Finder Show view Options on Mac

3: On Show View popup, Change icon size by sliding left to right. Or Manage space between grid layout slide Grid Spacing.

4: Folder name Text Size is also useful for change all folder/ Image and File name inside finder preview.

Change Folder or Image Size on Finder grid view from Mac

Note: Your finder is showing all data in list (Details view), First change it in to grid style from top Tab tools. See below image,

Grid view arrangement in Finder

Mac users are also using other useful features like change folder color, Set Picture on Folder.

Resize all images in Finder view on Mac

Are you keeping folder size or image size in finder because of privacy, then you can see sensitive data in to locked folder or encrypted folder.

Also useful: New MacOS Sierra now gives option for hide pictures on Mac from photo app. No one can see directly from photo app.

Hope you gathered guide on how to Change Folder or Image Size on Finder from Mac with customize folder view settings.


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