How to Change Font Style on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR: Mail App, Safari, Settings, App Name

Year-by-year Apple is broadening its features for the ease of its users. Here I show you how to change Font Style (Bold/Itali/Underline) on Mail, Notes app and Change Text size of Settings text or app name. With every new iOS and iPhone, you have a chance to grab the best smartphone at your convenience. Previously we weren’t allowed to increase the font size in Safari or to change the font style on the iPhone. But today, you can change the font size on iPhone without jailbreaking.

If you got bored with the same font style on your iPhone, then you will love to hear that you can change the font style on the iPhone in a minute. These type of settings make the Apple product unique and more likely to gain more and more users. So in this post, we have addressed the most common query of people which is how to change font style on iPhone. Read on to change the font on the iPhone.

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Below settings auto applied to iOS Home app name, Settings app, Safari, Contacts app, Messages app. And Manual ways for a Notes app, Mail app (Read my last section of this tutorial).

Change Font Style and Size on iPhone
Change Font Style and Size on the iPhone

How to Change Font Style on iPhone

Step #1: Unlock your iPhone and navigate to the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Scroll down and tap “Display & Brightness”.

Step #3: Toggle on the slider next to “Bold”.

Step #4: When you see Applying this setting will restart iPhone, hit “Confirm”.

Step #5: Wait for a second, the iPhone will restart, and you can enjoy the changed fonts on iPhone.

How to Change The Font Size in the iPhone?

Moreover, if you want to make fonts on iPhone even smaller then also we have the best way to do it,

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Select “Display & Brightness”.

Step #3: From the options, tap on “Text Size”.

Step #4: Move the pointer towards the left side to reduce the text size in the iPhone.

Once you change the font size on iPhone, you will experience the better iPhone at your convenience. If you want to change font size on iPhone email, this will definitely do it for you.

Change Font Style on the mail app or Notes app

  1. First, create a new mail or reply to existing mail. Type anything that you want to send in highlighted text means a change in text style. Tap and hold on text or Word until you see popup option with B/I/U option. Select All text at first Tap on it and Select I for Italic style, B for Bold style and U for underline of text.
Change font size and style for iPhone Mail app, Notes app
Change font size and style for iPhone Mail app, Notes app

see the result below on my iPhone screen,

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