How to Change Game Download Location in Steam on Mac, MacBook

It's fairly easy to change the steam download location on M1 Mac, MacBook, if you're keen to move installed games, visit this article.

Steam has a vast collection of games that can be downloaded on the Mac and played anytime, anywhere. If you wish to change the steam download location in M1 Mac, MacBook, this article will guide you several ways to change the drive location in Steam, along with few other troubleshooting tips. Furthermore, the latest update allows us to move the steam games from one location to another instead of re-downloading the whole game.

In many instances, users adds-up new SSDs, and later they have to re-download the games, but with the below-mentioned steps, you could save a lot more time and data.

How to Change Steam Download Location in Mac

The current drive on Mac is full? Or you’ve decided to store the new Steam Installs to a new location; no matter what, the below steps will show you how to change Steam download location on M1 Mac, MacBook. Once you change the drive location, all the future downloads will be stored in a new location.

  1. Open the Steam on your Mac.
  2. Go to the Settings in Steam Client.
  3. From the sidebar, select Downloads.
  4. Click on Steam Library Folders.
  5. Click on Add Library Folder button.
  6. Once you add a new Folder Path, all the new installations will be stored there.
  7. Meanwhile, if you change your mind, then follow the same steps, right-click on one of the paths that you want and set it as Default Location to Store Steam Games.

Change Steam Library Location on the Same Drive

Yes, you can also create a new Steam Library Location on the same drive on Mac. Though Steam has a limitation that only allows the user to create one library folder in one drive, however, if that error prompts up, then move to another section of this article where we’ve mentioned steps to fix that error and again come back to create Steam Library on the same drive.

  1. Go to the Steam app on your Mac.
  2. Select the Settings and go to Downloads.
  3. Choose Steam Library Folders.
  4. Click on Add Library Folder option.
  5. Now you can browse the path and change the steam download location but in the same drive.

How to Move Steam Game to Another Drive

Changing the Steam Location won’t move the currently installed games, but it will be effective for future installs. If you’re wondering about moving the installed Steam to another drive on Mac, here’s how to do it.

Part 1: Create New Folder in Other Drive

  1. Open the Steam App on Mac.
  2. Go to the Settings and select Downloads.
  3. Click Steam Library Folders.
  4. Next, click Add Library Folder.
  5. Now, choose the drive on which you want to move Steam Game.
  6. And then click on New Folder.
  7. Rename the folder and click OK.
  8. Click on the Select button to go with the new folder you’ve just created.
  9. In the Steam Library Folders window, the new Drive Location with Folder Name will appear.
  10. Close the current window.

Part 2: Move Steam Games to New Location

  1. While you’re on Steam, right-click on the Library and choose Properties.
  2. Select the Local Files tab.
  3. The last option is Move Install Folder; click on it.
  4. Now you can select a new Drive Location to move the installed Steam Game on Mac.
  5. After selecting the new Drive Location, click the Move Folder option.
  6. This is it! By this process, you can move other games to new steam locations one by one.

Fix: Selected Drive already has a Steam Library Folder

It’s obvious to receive the selected drive already has a steam library folder error while creating a new library folder on Mac. By default, Steam only allows the creation of one Library Folder. To overcome this limitation, you’ll need to edit the library folders.vdf and add the “2” “C:\\SteamLibrarySSD” in the file as commented by one of the Steam Users.

How to or Can I move Steam to Another Drive

Fortunately, you can move the one Steam to another drive, and it hardly takes few minutes when you do it correctly. We’ve already mentioned the steps to move the steam game from one location to another; at first, create New Folder in Drive and then move the Steam Game to New Location you’ve created in another Drive.

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