How to change iPhone 6 alarm sound: iOS 9, iOS 8, iPhone 6S

Make your morning beautiful with your favourite sound or custom song as an alarm sound. Just like custom ringtone option available on your iPhone, iPad. Set here I am showing example for change iPhone 6 alarm sound but you can go with any iOS device running on iOS 9, iOS 8.

Generally iOS users trying to set meditation sound or Hollywood songs as a morning alarm. Don’t want search and set your favourite song as an alarm, then you have 150+ built in apple’s official HD quality sound perfect for alarm.

Here I example with set a new alarm or change sound on already saved alarm.

Compatible devices and OS: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/ 6+, iPhone 6S/ 6S plus. iOS versions are iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9.

Steps for Change iPhone 6 alarm sound on iOS 9 or iOS 8: Custom music, Song or tune

1. Go to the clock app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

2. Next, Tap on Alarm from below clock app tabs.

3. Here you can add new alarm from top right “+” icon.Set time and pick sound that you set

4. Now, you can set your time buy rotating number wheel and AM/PM. (Here I Set alarm 8 a.m.)Change iPhone 6 alarm sound as you like

5. On below screen, Go to the Sound and Choose your favourite sound for this alarm only

Note: For your upcoming new alarm sound automatically selected from last one by default.

Edit/ Set another Sound on existing alarm or Delete alarm

1. Tap on edit from top right from Clock app > Alarm

2. Next, Tap on Sound and choose your favourite song or alarm tone. last Set an alarm for 11 a.m.

All Alarm times saved in clock app

Note: From your apple music app you can choose any types of song (Hollywood, Bollywood, POP act.) From Pick a song option.

Now you have a got perfect idea on how to Change iPhone 6 alarm sound or set custom music that you want. Still want help, share with us on comment.


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