How to Change iPhone Camera Resolution on iPhone 15 Pro, 14

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Almost all iOS users have a question that how to change iPhone camera resolution Settings?  The reasons behind that for each user. To change iPhone camera settings for photos or videos for different purposes like the low-resolution picture if you’re low on storage on Phone, or sharing, Printing Photo, Copying, or Upload an online form with some size or resolution limitation? Through this article, I give the best tricky option on getting perfect resolution from the iPhone camera for shoot photos or videos.

Nevertheless, try below all possible solutions and ways for getting perfect picture resolution on the iPhone, without edit on Mac or PC.

Can I convert iPhone photos to high Resolution?

Remember that you need to capture a new picture with the high-resolution setting (steps mentioned below in this tutorial). in short, you can reduce a photo resolution but there isn’t a way to increase it.

For increased Resolution of iPhone Video Resolution Settings:

Unfortunately, for iOS 15 & iOS 16, you can’t change manual camera resolution for photos from settings, but it works for video.

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Change the video resolution format on iPhone 15 Pro Max Using the Camera App without touching the Settings app

on the iPhone 15 Series model, the user can change the video resolution within the camera app, so no need to go to the settings app to change the video resolution format. Let’s see the bottom steps.

  • Step #1: Open the Camera App
  • Step #2. Swipe the right side to open the video recording screen.
Select video right side 24 then after 60 on iphone
  • Step #3. Now, you can see the resolution setting on the right-hand-upper on the screen.
  • Step #4. Tap on it to change the Video Resolution recording format. [Tap on 30 to get 60 and Tap on HD to get 4K video resolution setting]
  • Step #5. Then tap on the Red shutter icon to start video Recording.[Get here Best Gimbals for smartphone]
Click on right side 4k then tap on HD on iphone

[New] Detailed all of Change iPhone Camera Resolution Pixels

Any iDevice model can change the camera resolution from settings. iPhone camera settings have options for record camera resolution for video only.

  1. Head to Settings App
  2. Scroll the screen, tapping on Camera.
Go to the settings app scroll the camera app on iphone
iPhone Camera settings
  1. Tap on Record Video
  2. Choose 4K at 60 fps (High Efficiency) to maximize your iPhone camera resolution.
Click on record video tap on 4k at 60 fps(high efficiency) on iphone
Video Resolution on iPhone

How to change cinematic video resolution on iPhone

  1. Head to Settigns App.
  2. Tap Camera
  3. Select Record Cinematic
  4. Tapping on 4K at 30 fps
Click on record cinematic tap 4k at 30 fps on iphone

How to change Record Slo-mo resolution on your iPhone

  1. Head to Settigns App.
  2. Tap Camera
  3. Choose Record Slo-mo
Go to the settings scroll the camera tap on record slo-mo on iphone
  1. Tapping on 1080p HD at 240 fps (High Efficiency).
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Tap on high efficiency video click OK button select 1080p HD 240 fps (high efficiency) on iphone

Here’s how to record 4k video at 60FPS on iPhone

Are you changing the resolution because of the low space on the iPhone? These Options are: Optimize iPhone Storage, Download & keep original

  • Optimize iPhone storage automatically save the photo in low quality and upload unique photos and videos to iCloud.
  • Download & Keep original: Keep all innovative photos and videos to the iPhone camera app and local access.
2 Optimize Storage space from Video and Photo k

Your Device is not eligible to change & record camera resolution, Try 4k iPhone camera apps for video recording.

In iOS 11, Apple introduced the Formats function for Camera with two options including High Efficiency and the second is most compatible. Using Formats Settings- iOS 11 Compatible devices users can reduce file size, capture photos, and videos in the high-efficiency HELF/HEVC format. Most Compatible will always use JPEG/H.264.

How can I reduce file Size in iPhone Camera Settings?

  1. Go to the Settings App
  2. Scroll the screen to tap on Camera
Go to the settings app swipe down and scroll camera on iphone
  1. click on Formats
  2. Choose the Most compatible to capture photo format in JPEG.
Click on formats tap on most compatible on iphone

Useful Accessory: Here’s Best Gimbals for Apple iPhone to stabilize video.

Image Size

Image size is an excellent app to move your picture in targeted resolution on inches, pixels, millimeters, centimeters. Then you should be sent to the email or save to your iOS device. A great app for a perfect image resolution maker. iResize also helps.

Crop and resize photos on iPhone Without third-party App

proper Photo editing tools work here correctly if you want to resize by crop picture correctly.
Another option for change resolution is to decrease the size of the picture, Open a picture from the photos app and take a screen snap by press the home and sleep/ Wake button at once. Your screenshot size is a too low comparatively original photo, that was saved in your photos app.

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Extra Tidbit

In many cases, a user would like to take a lower resolution photo with your iPhone – for that, you will have to download a camera resolution settings app as the best low-resolution camera App from the App Store. You should have an Apple ID and password for log-in to the App Store.

Right now above tricks works, because we have no option to change the iPhone camera resolution. Please share in the comments.

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