How to change jailbreak root password on iPhone, iPad

Jailbroken iOS iPhone, iPad easily hack recently, due to common password in root of jailbreak. So security level in your iPhone and iPad should be very low. You must update jailbreak root password in your iOS device, here I explained basic steps to change jailbreak root password in this iOS tutorial. you may be lose your useful data from your mobile history, cache, document, text by hacking your jailbreak installed iOS device. Here i want care of your apple device in future. So far no one can cheat with you by hacking your device remotely. Because your data may be hack, when you have internet connation with wi-fi or mobile internet.

Note: This is most useful and essential iOS device security tips to protect or increase security.

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Why jailbreak easily hack your iPhone and iPad

Same like In your computer, administrator can do any this in your PC without any permission for remove, delete or format data and system. Jailbreak root password works as admin password of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch).

Download: Pangu iOS 7.1.1/iOS 7.1 Jailbreak for Mac: Download Pangu For MAC

Till you iOS device not jailbreak, no one can access iPhone terminal, consol. So your device more secure as compare to jailbreak device.

If your device is jailbreak, SSH in turn on. It becomes more prevention to set or update jailbreak default password, with easy access your iOS device internally.

You can update or change jailbreak root password only using terminal, so you must have to start terminal in iPhone and iPad.

  1. Install mobile terminal in iOS device
  2. Change root password jailbreak iOS device

Install mobile terminal in your iOS device

Step 1

Click on Cydia icon from your iOS device app browser (if you haven’t install Cydia in your iOS device, install Cydia.)

Step 2

Open the “sections” tab inside Cydia bottom screen. Then select Terminal Support option.

Step 3

Hit click on “install” button option. Then choose “Confirm” to start installation.

Step 5:

After successfully installation of mobile terminal, finish installation process with click on “Close windows”.

One time mobile terminal installation completed, that you have to go for update or change jailbreak root password in your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch).

Steps to change jailbreak root password to increase security in iPhone, iPad

Step 1

Click on mobile terminal icon from your iOS device app browser.

mobile terminal change jailbreak root password
mobile terminal change jailbreak root password

Step 2

After clicked on mobile terminal, you can see whole black screen in your iOS device.

From there, Type Su and tap back key from your device.

Step 3

Now you have to go for change password. Type default password alpine as a text and press back key once again.

Step 4: Now you are successfully logged in your iOS device as an admin. Now you can see another prompt. Enter command to change password: passwd than tap back key again.

Step 5: This is the final steps to enter your password and reenter confirm password in this screen.

Now you are done your jailbroken iOS device changed jailbreak root password successfully.

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If you will lose jailbreak root password, you can retrieve using stored this password in encrypted format.

Don’t miss to note updated change jailbreak root password for future Use. I hope you had successfully enjoyed and done your job on change jailbreak root password in your iPhone, iPad.

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